by Sheryl Marlar

Nicole Fasick didn’t think she wanted to come to the University of West Georgia when she was growing up, but when she graduated from Douglasville’s Alexander High School, it just seemed like the perfect fit. Now, four years later, she’s due to graduate in the spring 2015 ceremony with a nursing degree. Nothing unusual in that, until one looks at everything else she has done in the last four years.

Nicole FasickNicole is also a graduating member of the Wolves women’s basketball team. The 2014-15 season was the best since Scott Groninger became the Wolves coach in 2010. The team ended the season at 19-11, with the team scoring the most wins in a season since 2008-09.

The Wolves defeated the University of North Alabama in the first round of the GSC Tournament on Super Tuesday, in the first-ever post-season game to be held in The Coliseum. They proceeded to the semi-finals at Samford University, where they fell to Union.

A basketball player since the 7th grade at Fairplay Middle School, Nicole has fond memories of her first coach.

“Coach Pittman was a tough coach on the floor, but a great guy off the court. He always expected greatness and pushed us to that limit,” she said. “I think that’s what it takes to be a great coach.”

Choosing to pursue a career in nursing stemmed from her interest in the medical field. She liked the thought of hands-on, direct care for patients. Talking with them and providing care to make them feel better was something she wanted to do.

“My grandpa has also had a lot medical complications from disease. Hearing all about his tests and treatments also interested me,” she added.

Juggling basketball and nursing school was especially tough. On top of that, she also held a part-time job at University Recreation. It took a lot of dedication and time management to juggle a sport with her degree.

“Free time was not in my vocabulary,” Nicole said. “On road trips, I was always studying and doing homework, even on game days.”

When Nicole’s advisor realized she was on the basketball team, she told her she would eventually have to choose between nursing and basketball.

“Most athletes who try to do both fail, but I never let that get to my head,” Nicole explained. “I knew I could do whatever I put my mind to. Now look at me, I’m about to graduate from nursing school!”

Nicole never looked back on her decision to attend UWG. The close proximity to her home allowed her parents and grandparents to attend every home game and most of the away games, and UWG became her home away from home.

“And my teammates have become my family, and I have met so many people who have had a positive influence on my life,” she said. “My coach here at UWG was super flexible with my schedule, and my teachers were caring and understood my obligations if I had to miss a class or leave early due to my basketball schedule. Everything worked out perfectly, and I definitely wouldn’t change my decision to come here.”

Posted on April 24, 2015