by Sheryl Marlar

Jimmy Hall was a nurse looking to further his career by pursuing a doctorate degree when the University of West Georgia got his attention.

Hall was working in the area of clinical staff education, where he was tasked with onboarding new nurses and other clinical staff, as well as educating and ensuring competencies of all individuals in the hospital setting.

Jimmy Hall

"I was hosting a college fair at my hospital, and UWG actually fell into my lap," Hall began. "I was already interested in pursuing my doctorate degree and was looking at the options available when I first spoke to the UWG representative present at the college fair. I learned the vision of UWG and felt the passion this person had for the school, so I immediately went to my computer to research UWG, and I'm forever glad I did."

While he was a student at UWG obtaining his Ed.D., Hall wrote a paper focusing on nurse residency programs available to graduate nurses entering the workforce. The article compared each program in place and identified the pros and cons of each program.

The paper Hall wrote has been accepted for publication in the American Nurse Today nursing journal.

"This is an important topic for new nurses as well as hospital leaders as residency programs have been proven to provide a smoother onboarding experience," Hall explained. "They have also been shown to increase retention and competence of graduate nurses during the first years of employment."

Hall currently serves as Director of Clinical Education Programs for Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) in Nashville, TN. As such, he is responsible for the development and deployment of education across all HCA facilities, which includes over 170 hospitals in the United States and in the United Kingdom.

"The education I received from UWG has been key to my being able to provide quality, cost-effective training programs across all job roles in hospital settings," Hall said.

Hall would suggest that students should follow their passion.

"Always know that your degree is the hammer you need to knock down doors and get where you want to go," Hall concluded. "UWG handed me the hammer I needed to take a giant leap in my professional and personal lives."


Posted on February 8, 2018