by Sheryl Marlar

Nursing faculty members in the Tanner Health System School of Nursing (THSSON) at the University of West Georgia care about their students and about each other.

Dr. Patty Moran and Dr. Sally Richter
Dr. Patty Moran and Dr. Sally Richter

Their dedication to caring was recently exemplified when two faculty members, Dr. Sally Richter and Dr. Patty Moran, were presented with the DAISY Award.

The DAISY Foundation presents the awards annually to nurses and nursing faculty nationwide in honor of the care given by nurses when co-founder Tena Barnes Carraher’s husband was terminally ill with idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP).

Carraher’s family started the nonprofit foundation as a way to honor nurses for the care they give patients every day and to focus on the respect they deserve.

Faculty members, administrators and students can nominate nurses and nursing faculty members who they think are deserving. This year, 22 THSSON faculty members were nominated for the DAISY Award.

“This award is based on recommendations from students and fellow faculty members, and for that reason, this award means the world to me,” Richter said. “I am inspired by fellow faculty who challenge and provide wonderful examples of professional achievement to encourage my growth.”

Richter said THSSON staff and faculty exemplify caring in all aspects of their work and collegiality.

“It is through their leadership and support that I continue to grow in my role as a nurse educator,” she continued. “I am grateful for the opportunity and support I’ve received.”

Moran expressed similar thoughts.

“It is a joy and an honor to be part of the UWG Tanner Health System School of Nursing,” she said. “Receiving this award has been validating, humbling, rewarding and exciting. I love teaching and I love my students, so it’s incredibly affirming to know I’m making a positive difference in their lives.”

Posted on August 10, 2018