by Sheryl Marlar

West Georgia Technical College students who complete the associate degree in nursing (ADN) can now transfer to the University of West Georgia’s bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) without losing any course credits thanks to a Transfer Articulation Agreement signed by both institutions.

“Our goal is to continue to work with WGTC to provide pathways for achievement and opportunity for our students,” said Dr. Kyle Marrero, president of the University of West Georgia. “This is yet another of many agreements that we look forward to in the future.”

Through this agreement, a student may transfer 63 hours of credit toward a bachelor of science in nursing at UWG, provided the student has a grade of C or above on the courses to transfer.

“This new articulation agreement is another step forward in the wonderful collaboration between our two institutions,” said Mr. Steve G. Daniel, president of West Georgia Technical College. “It is such a pleasure to work with Dr. Marrero as we continue to increase the access our local citizens have to high-quality post-secondary education right here at home.”

This partnership emphasizes the commitment of UWG and WGTC to facilitate a student’s ability to transfer into a degree that supports the mission and goals of both institutions.

“Our ADN graduates can use this new agreement to transition seamlessly into the BSN program at UWG,” added Mr. Pat Hannon, vice president for academic affairs at West Georgia Technical College. “We are proud to offer this opportunity to our graduates who want to further their education and have greater career options in the nursing field.”

The agreement will be in effect for three years from the date of the signing, at which time, both institutions will review the program.

Posted on April 28, 2016