The Bonner Plantation Archaeological Survey committee convened to discuss the launch and scope of the comprehensive mapping project to be conducted by Southern Research.

On Monday, Dec. 17, an email was sent to all university employees informing them of the survey to begin the following day, Dec. 18, and that would likely last several days. Representatives from Southern Research were on campus this week to begin conducting the survey.

Following their visit, Southern Research submitted its first progress report to UWG officials, detailing the progress made earlier that same week of excavating test units to assess the soil conditions and determine the potential for archaeological feature recognition.

Archaeological features that might be found in test unit excavation include building foundations, filled-in cellars and graves.

This initial progress report reflects Southern Research’s first site visit showed no evidence of graves, but that archaeological features were present and could be recognized 18-30 centimeters below the surface. The report states Southern Research would return to campus in January 2019 to excavate additional test units.