On Monday, March 25, an email was sent to all university employees informing them of the next site visit by consultant firm Southern Research from March 26-28.

Southern Research visited campus, using GPR to survey the areas where historical documents suggested the cemetery might be located. Two areas where the GPR suggested graves were present were chosen for excavation. The top 12-18 inches of disturbed soil was carefully removed until the tops of two grave shafts were recognized. At this point, no further excavations were undertaken.

At no time were any human remains encountered or disturbed. Southern Research archaeologists estimate any possible remains are at least 4-5 feet below where the excavations ceased.

On Thursday, March 28, The Bonner Plantation Archaeological Survey committee reconvened to discuss preliminary findings by Southern Research, during which the consultants shared they had identified anomalies in the soil suggesting the presence of a possible cemetery. The committee discussed next steps to connect with the descendant family members of the enslaved persons of the Bonner Plantation and bring honor and reverent remembrance to the endeavor.