Nov. 11, 2020
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The quality of being as good as or better than others of a comparable nature.

The University of West Georgia has embarked on a stakeholder-based strategic visioning process for the future of the institution. This process will use as guideposts three pillars as identified by Dr. Brendan B. Kelly, UWG’s president: relevance, competitiveness, and placemaking.

The process, titled Becoming UWG, seeks the input and support of members across the UWG community to help shape a comprehensive blueprint for the university – one that will affirm clarity and relevance for the future of the institution. Perspectives on each of the three pillars from key university stakeholders will be shared in a series of three stories on the UWG News website in October, November and December prior to the release of the institution’s next strategic plan in early 2021. Perspectives on relevance were posted in October.

To learn more about the university’s stakeholder-based strategic planning process, visit the Becoming UWG webpage.

Tyrell Adams ’14


Houston Texans

Competitiveness, to me, is that innate feeling to be victorious in any challenges or obstacles ahead of you. UWG has shown academically and athletically they have taken large strides to become one of the top universities in Georgia. UWG is only as successful as its students, alumni, faculty, staff and leadership, so continuing a culture that prioritizes the success of these groups and opportunities for those of all demographics will keep UWG competitive.

Tyrell Adams

Dr. Janet Donohoe 

Professor of Philosophy and Dean

College of Arts, Culture and Scientific Inquiry; Honors College

The value of a West Georgia degree gives our graduates an automatic advantage in their post-graduate endeavors. UWG is regionally competitive right now in the breadth of programs it offers, its beautiful campus, the diversity of its student body and the quality of the professor-student relationship on campus. The Honors College rivals any program in the state and helps in making UWG competitive because we offer small seminar classes and have built a community at UWG that values undergraduate research and provides high-achieving students with skills that will take them far.

Dr. Janet Donohoe

Daniel Jackson ’74

President and CEO

Carroll Tomorrow/Carroll County Chamber of Commerce

Competitiveness means measuring, comparing or judging something one does or values against something or someone else. UWG’s competitiveness is a function of who and what they are compared to and how well others in that space match up, and we are proud to have the university as an important asset in our community. To be more competitive, I think one must first determine what matters most. That’s why strategic planning is such an important process – and one that I’m proud to be a part of at the University of West Georgia.

Daniel Jackson ’74

Khareem Leslie


UWG Student Government Association

Competitiveness means we are creating an environment, inside and outside the classroom, that continuously challenges others to be the best “them” they can be. UWG is competitive by providing students with the resources they would normally not get if they attended other institutions, but UWG can be more competitive in the future by creating even more experiential learning opportunities that are one-of-a-kind for students who attend the university. 

Khareem Leslie

Nicole Nichols

Head Cheerleading Coach

UWG Athletics

Competitiveness can bring out the very best in a person. It can help a person to grow well beyond what they thought they were capable of. A competitive environment can help people learn about each other and coexist as they strive to achieve common goals together. It helps students learn to be leaders in environments where they have passion. It can also help them to take action to continue to make that environment better for others so that they can have similar or better experiences.

Nicole Nichols

Dr. Jennifer Schuessler


Tanner Health System School of Nursing

Competitiveness means setting high expectations every day for myself, my school, my students, and my colleagues: the amazing faculty and staff of the Tanner Health System School of Nursing. However, competitiveness is also providing the support, encouragement and environment needed to meet those high expectations. When we are intentionally growing, improving, getting better, every day, we are living the pillar of competitiveness.

Dr. Jennifer Schuessler

Dr. Ned Watson


University of West Georgia Police Department

UWG has to reinvent itself to compete in an ever-changing market. That reinvention should be student-focused, providing opportunities to them and giving them the tools to succeed in life. This means we need to teach students how to fish, rather than give them fish. That’s the business we are in: training for life. The experiences I have had at UWG over my 41-year tenure have made me a better person and taught me how to always refocus my lens on life.

Dr. Ned Watson