On March 5, the University of West Georgia will be celebrating Arbor Day with a tree planting at University Stadium– albeit a little late due to inclement weather.

Arbor Day is celebrated on the third Friday in February each year in Georgia and is supported by the national Arbor Day Foundation. Georgia residents plant trees in February rather than April – on National Arbor Day – because it is too warm in Georgia during that time of year to plant trees, as they will not have a chance to become established before our summer heat sets in.

Therefore, tomorrow, UWG will join the rest of Georgia’s horticulture enthusiasts and make their Arbor Day contribution by planting nearly 100 evergreen and deciduous trees around the barbecue and tailgating area at the University Stadium from 1 to 3 p.m.

“This will create a natural screen and a defined sense of space in the barbecue and tailgating area,” said James Hembree, Grounds Superintendent of Horticulture and Landscape.

Western Red Cedar evergreen trees will be planted to screen the barbecue and tailgating area from Lovvorn Road and Driver Road. Columnar Red Maples and Slender Silhouette Sweetgums will be dropped into the plan in various places to add variety and texture to the landscape.

The Arbor Day Foundation says celebrating Arbor Day gives everyone an opportunity to learn about the benefits trees provide, which Hembree says are quite tangible.

“Trees are important,” he says. “Trees provide habitat and food for wildlife and mankind. Tree roots stabilize the soil, and the tree canopy softens the impact of rain – both of which prevent soil erosion. Trees provide clean air by filtering out pollutants. […] Wood or wood byproducts are used for housing, furniture, musical instruments, sports equipment, and outdoor furnishings – just to name a few.”

Join the Arbor Day Foundation and UWG tomorrow as we celebrate the future by planting today. For more information or to volunteer, call Hembree at 678-839-5598.

Posted on Wednesday, March 4, 2015