by Madison Murphy

Afiya Hinkson is living out her childhood dream after finding her path to success as an attorney.

Afiya HinksonHinkson graduated cum laude from University of West Georgia in 2005. After completing her education at Mercer University School of Law, she now is the owner and senior manager of her own law firm, The Hinkson Firm.

“I’ve wanted to be an attorney since I was in the first grade,” Hinkson said. “I believe helping others is my passion, and I am truly living my dreams and purpose.”

The Hinkson Firm, located in Atlanta, specializes in family law, child welfare law and contract law. In addition to the various family law cases she practices, Hinkson is also the special assistant attorney general for Forsyth County Department of Family and Children Services.

Becoming a registered mediator in 2018, Hinkson is looking to make huge strides within courts and law firms throughout the state by assisting in the resolution of legal disputes without the expense of full litigation.

Her day-to-day duties involve court, litigation, mediation, negotiation and assuring that the needs of her clients are being met. Additionally, Hinkson consistently works in both the superior and juvenile courts in the state, providing her with the rare and unique ability to maneuver and understand both courts’ systems, policies, and laws – all of which are distinctly different. Each day is unique, but she thrives on the opportunity to always think outside of the box to help others.

Hinkson encountered many inspiring professors at UWG who helped shape and guide her scholarly achievement.

“I was a mass communications major, and I loved my classes with Dr. Brad Yates,” Hinkson continued. “I also worked in the geosciences department with Randa Harris – she was always an amazing boss.”

Hinkson firmly believes that UWG prepared her for her current career as an attorney.

“UWG was able to provide me with great advisers with the tools to prepare my schedule and classes, which allowed me to graduate in three years instead of four, and enter law school a year before I expected to,” Hinkson added.

Making it her goal to leave lasting impressions on anyone she encounters, Hinkson is dedicated to the extreme, championing of those in the community by making clients her top priority. It is more than a career or profession, but a purpose to serve others.

Posted on March 5, 2019