by Emily Wurst

Behind every successful company’s programs lies a team of talented and dedicated professionals. And behind the corporate communications department at Southwire Company, LLC  is proud University of West Georgia alumna Ashley Bush.

Bush, who graduated from UWG in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications, currently serves as Director of Media and Community Relations for Southwire in Carrollton. Despite having graduated less than six years ago, Bush has already made huge strides in her professional career.

For Bush, the mass communications major at UWG was a perfect fit. She began her college career as a journalism major at a different university, and although she had always had a passion and talent for writing, she wanted to expand her career beyond what she was doing.

“I transferred to the University of West Georgia and joined the mass communications program, where I was exposed to the beautiful concept that writing is only one piece of developing a message, and I found my passion in the field of corporate communication,” Bush said.

“I could strongly utilize my writing skills, but I could also use my other talents and the creative parts of my mind that included creating campaigns, graphic design, multimedia presentations, photography, videography and so much more,” she continued. “It was then that I started to think about what my dream job would look like, and I set off toward the beginning of what has already been an extremely fulfilling career.”

Ashley Bush
Ashley Bush

During her time at UWG, Bush took advantage of the many leadership opportunities available to students, serving as both vice president and president of Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society, an experience she says contributed to her leadership skills.

As a student, Bush was able to establish meaningful relationships with professors in the mass communications department. In fact, her journey with Southwire began while she was still an undergraduate student, thanks to Dr. Amber Smallwood, a professor which Bush notes as being influential in her career.

“I enjoyed her classes immensely, probably because I was insanely interested in the field of public relations, and she did her best to make the course curriculum relevant to the skills I would need in the working world,” said Bush of Smallwood.

“I attribute the beginnings of my Southwire career to Dr. Smallwood because she was the person who first connected me with the company,” she continued. “An internship opportunity for writers in Southwire’s corporate communication department was presented to her, and she recommended me for the job. The rest is history.”

Once she began as an intern with the company, Bush’s career at Southwire escalated quickly. Over the next six years, she moved up through the company as she graduated from UWG, perfected skill sets and learned to adapt this knowledge to her field. Today, her role at the company is multifaceted, serving as the official spokesperson for Southwire and communicating with a variety of publics.

“I believe the best parts of my job are the amazing, talented team that I have the opportunity to work with every day,” said Bush about her experiences at Southwire. “Hands down, my strongest motivation has been the leaders and talented contributors with which I have worked. I am extremely fortunate to have experienced the true value of being part of an effective team.”

Posted on March 20, 2017