by Hilary Siglar

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Moreland truly represent the meaning of humility. After graduating as a finance major from the University of West Georgia in 1983, Leonard Moreland and his high school sweetheart Kay have made it a goal to give back to the university that started Leonard’s career. As a board member of several organizations, Leonard hopes to continue to raise the bar in education by providing more students with the opportunity to continue their education.

Kay and Leonard Moreland This year, Leonard has received the Regents’ Hall of Fame Alumni and Distinguished Friends Award in 2015 from the University System of Georgia (USG) and the Board of Regents.

Why did you give to UWG? I was a first generation college graduate from a single parent home. It has been my passion for a number of years now to help students that have come from similar situations. I understand that it is difficult to work and to also go to school at the same time. We have made it a passion and a mission in our family to give back and to pay it forward wherever we can.

What is special about UWG? It is all about the students and trying to help them. When a person graduates from college, especially if they are a first year graduate, they are ultimately changing the educational cycle in their family. They are more influenced to have their children go to college. When that happens, it really changes the tides in society, and all of our boats float a little higher. It has been my goal in my career and in my life to raise the tides a little higher. This donation gift does not even come close to the gift that this university has given to me, so I am more than happy to give back.

Posted on July 22, 2015