by Isaiah Hinsley

On September 17, the UWG Center for Diversity and Inclusion collaborated with the Alumni Relations and the Black Student Alliance to host the Annual Alumni Panel Discussion. UWG students, staff members, and alumni convened in the Campus Ballroom to listen to Reginald Moore ‘82, Mandy Smith ‘90, Rafael Booker ‘11, Cheryl Hill ’94 ‘96, Ashley Copeland ‘14, and Eric Maxwell ‘83. Each panelist shared their UWG experience from their first year of college to their present day as an alum. Alumni panelists

“Coming back to West Georgia is always special,” said Reginald. “I always look forward to reconnect with the students and other alumni.”

During the discussion, the six alumni addressed situations dealing with their education, life experiences, and several career opportunities. They also gave students advice to make the best out of their UWG career.

“It’s a good feeling to give back,” said Ashley. “I remember coming to events where alumni would speak to the students. It’s always good to get feedback. Now it’s even better for me to come back and talk to the students.”

After the discussion, students asked questions concerning jobs after graduation, internships, and applying for graduate school. If the alum did not have enough time to answer their questions, they offered to answer them after the event.

Posted on 10/07/2015