1. Create a W.I.C. ticket using the Service Request Form link below.
  2. In the “Description” textbox of the Service Request Form, include the name and 917# of the person needing the alarm code, as well as, the exact location(s) they need access to. (E.g., John Smith, 917123456, “Humanities – full building” and “Miller Hall – Room 2327”)
  3. If an Alarm Code Authorization Form is sent to you by the UPD Security Alarm Manager, sign approval or denial in a timely manner so as to expedite the process.

Requesting an alarm code does not guarantee that an alarm code will be assigned. Approval must be granted by Supervisors and University Authorizers with full authority over the area for which an alarm code was requested. For detailed information about the Levels of Access for alarm codes, why there are authorization requirements to hold an alarm code or for a detailed explanation of the approval process, please visit the University Police Department’s Alarm Code Policy and Procedure document, found in the link below.

Alarm Code Policy and Procedure

WIC Service Request Form