The Daily Crime log is mandated under Federal Law by the Clery Act.  It includes all criminal incidents that are reported to the University of West Georgia Police Department that occur on campus and within the usual patrol areas of the University Police Department.  This includes some driving offenses such as DUI, hit-and-run (of a person) and vehicular manslaughter.  The log is designed to provide crime information on a timelier basis than the annual statistical disclosures.

Date Reported 

The date the report was filed with the University Police.

Date Occurred

The date the incident occurred as reported to the University Police.

Time of Occurrence 

Military Time.  The time the incident occurred as reported to the University Police.  When the person making the report does not know exactly when, “unknown” will be entered.

Nature of Offense 

A brief summary of the crime(s) that were reported to the University Police. General Location of Occurrence: A general location of the incident as reported to the University Police.


The latest status of the incident and may be one of the following


Indicates the incident is still being investigated.


Indicates no further action anticipated by the University Police Department and may include an additional status:

  • Subject Arrested: The suspect was identified and charged with a crime.
  • Referral: No charge was made but the report was forwarded to Campus Judicial Authorities.
  • Issued Citation: The suspect was identified, no arrest was made, but they were charged with a crime via a citation.
  • Warning: A warning was issued to the suspect.
  • Unfounded: An investigation was conducted and no probable cause exists to believe that a crime occurred.
  • Declined Prosecution: The complainant did not wish to prosecute the crime.