• Administrative Division
    The University Police Administrative Division consists of the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police, a Budget Manager, and a Lieutenant. They each have unique responsibilities and are accountable for the day to day operational and policy decision making. They make final recommendations to the Chief on operational, promotional and disciplinary matters. These commanders and supervisors also serve in a variety of ways to carry out the mission of the Police Department.
  • Patrol Division

    Lt. Billy Stuart - Day Watch Commander


    The Patrol Division consists of 14 sworn police officers and 1 non sworn security guard that fall under the direction of Lieutenant Laura Bennett. This division is responsible for maintaining a safe environment for the Universities property, students, staff and visitors to the campus. This division maintains an around the clock, year-round presence.

    In the year 2014 the department received or initiated over 37,787 documented calls for service and security checks. Not all the contacts were criminal related, many were service oriented contacts continuing the orientation towards service by the Patrol Division. Day watch typically receives nearly 2/3 of the calls for service. They handle more calls for service per officer than the other shifts do. Evening Watch receive the majority of the crimes in progress calls along with the typical calls for service or assistance. The shift sergeants are entrusted to make sure the daily law enforcement needs of the campus are met. They supervise officers on their shift and at other campus events. They also do their share of the shift work. They respond to calls for service, check buildings, lock/unlock buildings, and patrol the campus while also performing as an administrators for the shift. They are empowered to make decisions without referral on law enforcement issues and some university policies related to staff, students, and visitors. They oversee the actions and needs of the people on their shift.

    The patrol officers on each shift handle the brunt of the calls for service. They are usually the first point of contact many people will have when they come onto the campus. When they are not out on a service call, they patrol the campus’s streets, buildings, residence halls, and other property. They also handle most of Accident and Incident Reporting on campus with assistance from their supervisors

    The university has many avenues for foot and vehicular movement around the campus; paved roads, un-paved roads, walking paths, nature paths, and undeveloped areas that are frequented by our community. It has become essential that the way we patrol these areas evolve also. Our officers patrol the campus in a variety of ways; patrol cars, 4 WD all terrain vehicles, bicycles and on foot. Our current Patrol fleet consists of 4 marked police vehicles, 3 marked ATV’s, and two bicycles. This variety has allowed the department to expand our services beyond normal boundaries of patrol. By getting into areas that are away from the mainstream, we have increased our visibility and hopefully curtailed criminal activity with our presence.

  • Criminal Investigations

    The Criminal Investigations Division or CID of the University of West Georgia Police Department is currently staffed by two full time investigators, MSgt. J.M Keener and Inv Blake Wingo. Currently, CID is responsible for investigating all crimes on campus, conducting background investigations of applicants, and completing internal investigations at the direction of Chief of Police. CID officers work on an “on-call” rotation and routinely respond to campus when a serious crime occurs without notice.  The Division also handles the collection, documentation, and long-term storage of crime scene evidence and it handles any VIP protection details when they occur.  The Division answers requests for open records under the Open Records Act, prepares cases for State Court and Superior Court, and works closely with outside law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney’s Office for ongoing investigations.

  • Access Control Division

     The Access Control Division regulates the use of electronic safety and security systems on all UWG campuses. This division also supervises Locksmith Services.  The systems monitored by this division includes, but not limited to, Burglar Alarms, Electronic Locks, Fire Alarms, and Video Cameras. These systems are used to help increase crime prevention and the detection, identification, arrest, and prosecution of persons engaged in violations of the law. Two technology officers monitor and maintain existing alarm systems currently on the all UWG Campuses.

  • Office of Professional Standards

    Officer Watson








    Lt. G.E. "Ned" Watson

    The Office of Professional Standards & Assessment is commanded by Lt. G.E. "Ned" Watson. This division develops and maintains the department's certification programs. Furthermore, this division also develops and conducts programs to train police department employees on the department's Written Directive System and other topics as ordered by the Chief of Police. This division also coordinates the Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Program, and other programming about campus safety and security for the university community. The Office of Professional Standards & Training has nationally and state trained instructors that are ready serve the university community to provide a wide variety of programming in safety and protection.