Because of the difficulty of making up lost time, classes or examinations are cancelled only in extreme circumstances.  In the event of emergency University closing, announcements will be made on the main University web site, and over the campus radio station as well as radio stations in Carrollton, Newnan, Bremen, and Douglasville, and radio and television stations in Atlanta.

At times of bad weather or other emergencies, University officials make decisions on whether or not to close the campus based on public safety reports and other considerations.  In such cases, the safety and security of the majority of students is a prime consideration.  However, we recognize that there may be special circumstances that pertain to individual students that are more serious than those that apply to the majority.  So, students are advised to use their best judgment about their safety and that of their families in those situations, and to consult with individual faculty members about making up lost time.

Official announcements about class/examination cancellations will be made only by the President and/or the Department of Communications and Marketing.

The university reserves the right to schedule additional classes or examination sessions should some be cancelled.

Information on cancelled or rescheduled classes or examination sessions may also be obtained by calling the University Police Weather Hotline, 678-839-6200 (day and night); University Communications & Marketing, 678-839-6464 (daytime only); or visiting the University website: