The University has installed 24 emergency phones around campus, which connect directly to the Public Safety Dispatcher. Everyone is encouraged to familiarize themselves with the location and operation of the emergency phones.


Pushing the large red button on the faceplate activates the phone. Once pushed, the phone is automatically dialed and the blue light on top of the pole will begin to flash. The phone used is cellular which takes approximately 12 seconds to complete the call. The dispatcher has caller ID that allows Public Safety to know the location of the phone in use even if the person calling doesn't. The unit has a two-way speaker so there is no hand set to deal with.


The phones are intended to be used to communicate with Public Safety whenever a person needs assistance. This includes true emergencies such as those involving a criminal act or medical situation or something as simple as requesting directions or assistance with a jump-start.


  1. Tyus Hall at the Hall
  2. Tyus Hall - north end
  3. Tyus Hall - south end
  4. Watson Hall Parking Lot - east end
  5. Watson Hall Parking Lot - west end
  6. Strozier Hall Parking Lot
  7. Roberts Drive - Strozier Annex*
  8. Roberts Drive - Roberts Hall*
  9. Roberts Drive at the Baseball Field
  10. Rear of Roberts - path to the UCC
  11. Biology at the path to Roberts
  12. Biology at West Georgia Drive
  13. Food Service Parking Lot - Z-6
  14. Running Track
  15. Public Safety Lot
  16. Parking Lot 14 (Brumbelow at West Georgia Drive)
  17. Foggy Bottom (South Street at West Georgia Drive)
  18. Quad (Humanities & Pafford)
  19. Bowdon Hall at the parking lot.
  20. Downs Hall at the turnaround
  21. Boykin Hall at the parking lot
  22. Back Campus Drive at the Boyd Building
  23. Between the UCC and TLC
  24. South side of UCC at Row

*Temporarily out of service due to construction