Fire Safety Information

The University of West Georgia provides housing to approximately 3300 students in 13 residence halls and 18 fraternity and sorority house.

Fire Protection Systems and Equipment

All residential facilities meet minimum fire protection codes in effect when they were constructed or renovated. The University has upgraded all halls to include a centrally monitored fire/smoke detection system. Each room is equipped with a smoke detector as are all hallways, community areas and mechanical rooms. The system initiates if smoke is detected or if a smoke detector is tampered with. All halls and houses also have pull stations and fire extinguishers throughout.

The system is monitored by the University Police at its Dispatch Center. The center is staffed 24/7/365 and has direct contact with Carroll County 911 who are responsible for dispatching the Carrollton Fire Department which serves the UWG campus.

The following buildings, in addition to the smoke detection system, are also equipped with a sprinkler system throughout the building.

  • University Suites – 3 buildings                   
  • Arbor View Apartments – 3 buildings
  • Center Point                                                
  • The Oaks / Bowdon Hall
  • All Houses in Greek Village

The following residence halls are equipped with the smoke detection system but not sprinkled.

  • Strozier Hall               
  • Strozier Annex                  
  • Tyus Hall             
  • Gunn Hall           

The fire extinguishers are inspected by Housing staff as part of their routine building checks. The extinguishers are also inspected by an outside firm in compliance with the fire code.

All fire exits are marked and lighted. Residents should familiarize themselves with not only the closest exit, but all exits in the building. This is important in case the closest exit to the resident’s room is blocked and another exit route is needed. Once a resident becomes aware of a fire in the building, he/she should close and lock their room door and exit the building immediately. Do not stop and try to collect up valuable items. In the event of a rapidly moving fire, seconds count. Possessions and papers can be replaced – your life cannot.

Fire Drills

A fire drill is conducted at each residence hall during the Fall and Spring Semester. It is noted in the Housing Policy that leaving the residence hall when the fire alarm is sounded is mandatory. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

Prohibited Appliances

A list of acceptable and non-acceptable appliances and items for the residence hall room can be found here

Any item found in a room that is on this list of prohibited items will be confiscated by hall staff and the resident referred to the Residence Life Conduct Coordinator for discipline.


Per Board of Regents policy, the entire University of West Georgia campus is a tobacco free zone. Smoking anywhere on campus is prohibited and anyone found in violation is subject to disciplinary action.

Reporting a Fire

The University Police (678-839-6000) respond to all fire calls on campus. Anytime there is a fire in a residence hall, the University Police should be called so that a report can be made. This report is used to:

  • Initiate repairs
  • Can be used by residents for insurance purposes,
  • Used by Housing, Risk Management and University Police to determine how such fires can be prevented in the future.

If the fire is currently burning, call the University Police after you have evacuated the building. If you are trapped, contact UP and advised them your location and that you cannot get out due to smoke and or flames. They will direct fire personnel to rescue you.

If the fire is small and has been put out, you should call the University Police and make the report. You can also call the Housing Office (678-839-6426) or Risk management at 678-839-6277. Within the hall, a fire can be reported to your resident assistant, resident director or the area coordinator. In Greek Village, in addition to the RA’s, the Manager for Greek Housing can be contacted as well as the Residence Life Coordinator.

The Fire Log

The University Police post a running fire log on their web site. The log will show all of the fires in residence halls that have been reported for the current calendar year. The log notes the following information:

  • Location where the fire occurred
  • Date and time the fire occurred
  • Reason for the fire
  • Injuries or deaths caused by the fire
  • Cost to repair the damage caused by the fire
  • Case number assigned to the fire

The fire log for the last three years are posted on the web site. 

Fire Prevention Education

Fire prevention education programs for the resident halls and Greek Village can be provided by both the University Police (678-839-5280) and the Office of Risk Management (678-839-6277). The staff of the two offices can provide training on a range of topics and will work with individuals to craft a program that fits the needs of the individual hall.

Future Fire Prevention and Detection Improvements

There are no immediate plans to provide more on-campus housing or to renovate the four remaining, non-sprinkled halls. If and when new housing is built or existing buildings are renovated, the facility will be constructed to comply with or exceed the current fire code.