One of the most important actions a person can take to prevent future crime is to report crimes when they do occur. Often times, when a person successfully completes a criminal act and is not caught, he or she will most likely attempt to commit additional crimes. Even if you do not wish to pursue the case through the courts or University Discipline System, the University Police Department needs to know about the incident so that corrective action can be taken if possible. The University encourages all faculty, staff, and students to report to the University Police Department anytime they are a victim of a crime or see a crime being committed.

How to Report a Crime

When you are a victim or witness to a crime, call the University Police Department at 678-839-6000 (24/7/365) and an officer will meet with you to make a report. The officer will ask you various questions about the crime as well as the names of any witnesses to the incident. If it is a property crime, the officer will ask for any serial numbers for the item which was stolen. If the numbers are available, they can be placed on the state and national crime computer network and if the item is located, the police can return the property to the rightful owner.

Once the report is completed, the incident will be assigned to an investigator for follow-up. The investigator will work closely with the victim and attempt to locate the person responsible for the crime. If successful, the investigator will prosecute the case in either state (misdemeanor) or superior (felony) court.

In addition to prosecuting the case in the courts, the victim also has the right to have the case referred to the University discipline system. This may be concurrent or in lieu of taking the case to the courts.

If you have any questions about filing a police report or prosecuting a case in court, ask the officer taking the report or the investigator assigned to case. They will be happy to answer your questions, both initially and as the case progresses.

Anonymous Reporting of Crime
Crimes may be reported anonymously to the University Police if a victim so chooses. Without a victim prosecution is not possible under the law. However, the information is still valuable to the police and the community. The information will be included in the annual security report, utilized by crime prevention personnel to see if changes to the campus would prevent similar crimes in the future, and investigators working on other criminal cases.

Anonymous reports can be filed in several ways.

  • Come to the University Police and report the crime to an officer. Ask the officer to file the report as being reported anonymously.
  • Report the crime on uwgpoliceconfidential@westga.edu
  • Go to the UWG Police Web Site and print off the Anonymous Crime Report Form, fill it out and mail to the UWG Police Department. The address is on the web site.
  • Contact a University official and ask that he or she report the crime for you. The official can utilize the Anonymous Crime Report Form available listed above and mail it to the University Police Department.

University Officials Required to Report Crimes

Federal law requires persons with "significant responsibility for student and campus activities", "report to the campus security authority anytime a student reports that the student was a victim of a crime. Specifically, this would include persons whose job requirements include student housing, student discipline, and campus judicial proceedings". According to the Department of Education, this definition would include but not be limited to employees in Residence Life, Student Services, Student Activities, Athletics, as well as academic department heads, deans, vice presidents, and the President.

  • Vice President for Student Services
    LocationBonner House

  • Associate Vice-President for Student Services
    LocationBonner House

  • Director, Counseling Services
    LocationRow Hall West

  • Director, Counseling Services
    LocationRow Hall West

  • Director, Student Health Center
    LocationHealth Services Building

  • Director, Human Resources
    LocationAycock Hall, Ground Floor

  • Social Equity Officer
    LocationAycock Hall, Ground Floor

  • Student Conduct Specialist
    Location271 Parker Hall

  • Director, Housing and Residence Life
    LocationEast Commons

  • Director, Athletics
    LocationAthletic Office Building

  • Assistant Athletic Director / Compliance
    LocationAthletic Office Building

  • Assistant Athletic Director /Academic Support
    LocationAthletic Office Building