In the event that a hurricane or tropical storm strikes the Carrollton area with significant winds and rain, the following actions are suggested to protect yourself during the storm.

Before the Storm Strikes

Have a functioning radio with battery back up. Make sure the batteries are fresh and can operate for at least two days. Stay tuned to a local radio station and listen for situational updates from the Carroll County Emergency Management Agency. The local FM stations are 92.1 and 102.7 with 1300  on the AM frequency.

Have a functioning flashlight (with extra batteries) or chemical light sticks available in case the power goes out. Avoid the use of candles and other light sources, which require a flame.

Secure valuable papers in water proof containers or plastic bags.

Fill your gas tank and check all fluid levels before the storm arrives.

Make sure you have several days of food which can be eaten without heating in the event power is knocked out. Have bottled water on hand in case the water system is effected by the storm. Keep one gallon per person  per day available for each person living in the dwelling.Make sure you have several days worth of medications in the event that the pharmacies are closed. If your medications require refrigeration, have a backup plan as to how to keep them cool if the power goes out. One suggestion  is to have Health Services store your medications in their refrigerators, which are protected by generator backup. 

During The Storm

Stay inside during the storm. Downed power lines, rapidly moving water and falling trees make it to dangerous to be outside.

If living in an apartment on an upper floor, try to find someone on a lower level to stay with.
During the storm, take refuge in a small interior room, closet or hallway. Close all interior doors. Secure and brace external doors. In a two-story residence, go to an interior first-floor room, such as a bathroom or closet. In a multiple-story building, go to the first or second floors and stay in interior rooms away from windows. Lie on the floor under a table or another sturdy object.

If you plan on having a “Hurricane Party”, avoid becoming intoxicated. This storm can generate significant winds, spawn tornadoes and cause severe flooding. You need to be able to react if the storm begins to destroy the building you have sought shelter in.

Make up a “buddy list” of friends. Call each other periodically to make sure each other is safe
Stay away from windows and doors during the storm. Draw the blinds to help deflect broken glass. If you do not have blinds, place a blanket over the window to catch flying glass.

After the storm

Drive only when necessary. Streets will be filled with debris. Roads will have weakened and could collapse. Do not drive on flooded or barricaded roads or bridges. Roads are closed for your protection. As little as six inches of water may cause you to lose control of your vehicle—two feet of water will carry most cars away.
Stay away from disaster areas unless local authorities request volunteers.