The University of West Georgia Police Department is a fully certified, state police agency. All officers employed by the University are equivalent to the police or sheriff deputies employed in your home town. University police officers are authorized to make arrests for violations of state law and city ordinances, obtain and execute search warrants, and enforce the traffic laws.

The jurisdiction of the UWG Police as defined by Georgia law is the campus proper plus 500 yards. The officers can operate beyond the 500 yard limit under the following conditions and still retain their full police authority.

  • The officers can leave campus if they are in hot pursuit of an individual they believe has just committed a crime on campus.

  • The University has entered into mutual aid agreements with the City of Carrollton and Carroll County. Under these agreements, University police officers can operate off campus when requested by the City or County to assist them.

  • The University Police operate under the authority of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. As employees of the Board of Regents, the officers are authorized by law to serve on any campus under the Regents control and retain their full authority.

It should be noted that the Carrollton City Police, Carroll County Sheriff's Department, Georgia State Patrol and the West Georgia Drug Task Force have jurisdiction on the campus. Though the University Police is the primary law enforcement agency for the University, these other agencies can and do operate on campus on occasion.

The UWG police have a strong working relationship with neighboring jurisdictions. On a regular basis, the departments share information and equipment, assist with investigations, and provide uniform back-up when needed.