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    Georgia law and University policy prohibit the possession, sale and or manufacturing of illegal drugs, prescription drugs and steroids. The University Police strictly enforces all applicable state laws and works closely with surrounding law enforcement agencies, to ensure the campus is as drug free as possible. Students and employees found in violation of the drug laws face arrest, expulsion from the University, and loss of future federal educational loans and grants. Employees found in violation are also subject to the termination of their employment. The University is in compliance with all provisions of the “Drug Free Campus” amendment to the Higher Education Act of 1989. (The University’s policy on Alcohol and Drug use for students can be found in the UWG Connection and Student Handbook – Appendix A.)
    Persons who abuse drugs and alcohol can be a danger to themselves and to those around them. If you or someone you know needs assistance with a drug or alcohol problem, the University has the resources to help you. The Patient Advocates at Health Services (678-839-6452) or the counselors at Counseling & Career Development  (678-839-6428) are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. They are also on call 24 hours a day through the University Police Dispatch Center (678-839-6000). Their services are available to enrolled students free of charge and are strictly confidential. If someone is abusing or selling drugs, and you are fearful for your safety or those around you, contact the University Police at 678-839-6000 (24/7/365) and ask to speak with an officer. If you do not wish to be identified, e-mail uwgpoliceconfidential@westga.edu. An investigator will be assigned to follow up on the information and take whatever action is possible. The University Police will also coordinate with Counseling & Career development so that their resources may be utilized to protect the students involved. The University Police Department offers information and classes on drug prevention. If you would like to schedule a class please call the Office of Professional Standards & Training at 678-839-5280. 

    The University Police Department has adopted a policy of Zero Tolerance toward persons who violate the alcohol laws. These violations include but are not limited to underage drinking, driving under the influence, furnishing alcohol to minors, open container and public drunkenness. This policy is based on our experience with students who have abused alcohol in the past. There is a direct relationship between alcohol abuse and instances of sexual assault, fighting and vandalism. Alcohol abuse harms not only the person drinking, but also those around him or her. The University Police arrests all persons found in violation of these laws unless the immediate circumstances dictate otherwise. Exceptions would include if the person has been a victim of sexual assault, or has a medical condition that requires immediate attention . These persons may be cited at a later date. An Arrest may be by citation or actually lodging in the Carroll County Jail. All campus alcohol cases are processed through the City Court in Carrollton and referred to Student Services for violation of theStudent Conduct Code. (See the University's policy on Alcohol and Drug use in the UWG Connection and Student Handbook – Appendix A.) In recent years the City Court judges have levied hefty fines and many hours of community service on those convicted of alcohol violations, especially driving under the influence (DUI) and underage consumption. Repeat offenses have resulted in students being ordered to serve time in the County jail. The judges have made it clear that the time to be served will be when ordered and not when convenient for the student. Students have missed midterms, finals and spring break due to being lodged in jail for multiple violations of the alcohol laws. Students who miss exams due to being in jail for repeated drinking violations have also found the faculty less than sympathetic in providing an opportunity for a make-up exam. The Patient Advocates at Health Services (678-839-6452) and the counselors at Counseling & Career Development (678-839-6428) are available to assist you with alcohol issues Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. They are also on call 24 hours a day through the University Police Dispatch Center (678-839-6000). Their services are available to enrolled students free of charge and are strictly confidential. If someone has overdosed on alcohol, do not assume that the person will "sleep it off ". If the person's breathing has become shallow and pulse difficult to find, seek medical attention immediately by calling University Police at 678-839-6000 (9-6000 on campus). The University Police Department offers information and classes on alcohol abuse prevention. If you would like to schedule a class please call the Office of Professional Standards & Training at 678-839-5280.University Police Department | Office Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm – Monday through Friday| 24 Hour Emergency: 678-839-6000 (24/7/365) | Fax: 678-839-4981Updated: 09/10/2012

  • Arrest
    The University of West Georgia is committed to providing an environment as free from crime and disorder as possible. When a violation of state law or city ordinances is committed, the University reserves the right to arrest and prosecute the person or persons responsible. All criminal cases which occur on campus are investigated by the University Police. Those cases that result in arrest are prosecuted in either the State or Superior Court of Carroll County. Persons arrested by the University Police are lodged in the Carroll County Jail where they will remain till they make bond or stand trial. Most violations of the motor vehicle code are prosecuted in the Carrollton City Court.   All arrests are to be made in accordance with applicable state and federal laws, and affected in a fair and impartial manner. A person’s status or relationship to the University has no bearing on the decision whether or not to initiate an arrest. The decision to arrest is based on the evidence showing a violation of the law has occurred, and University policies governing officer discretion. The University has implemented policies with "zero tolerance" for certain violations, specifically those dealing with drugs, alcohol, and weapons. When a person is found in violation of any of these laws, the officer is required to arrest that person with very limited exceptions. If the person arrested is a student, the case will also be referred to the Student Judiciary for review and disciplinary action if appropriate. The campus proceedings are independent of the state proceedings and an acquittal on the state level does not automatically result in an acquittal in the campus review. Faculty and staff also face disciplinary action, which can result in punishment up to, and including termination. It is the policy of the University not to interfere nor attempt to influence the court proceedings in favor of, or against an individual. The University does not provide bail or legal counsel for any member of the University community who may be arrested by University Police or other law enforcement agencies.
    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) limits when student records can be made available to individuals, government entities, or other educational institutions without the student’s consent. There are exceptions to FERPA and the following information is provided so that students and parents will be aware of these exceptions.

    To learn more, please read the following document.
  • Residence Hall Security
    The University of West Georgia is a tax supported institution and therefore open to anyone who wishes to enter. There are no gates surrounding the Institution and the community is often invited to attend campus functions. Even though this is an open campus, the University has the legal right and obligation to limit access to certain facilities and the campus as a whole under special circumstances. Residence halls, offices, and research areas are restricted at all times. Persons who pose a threat to a student or staff member, or are disruptive may be ejected and banned from the campus. Once ordered to leave campus, if the person returns, they face arrest by the University Police. Policies, locks and police patrol are not enough to ensure that the residence hall are safe. It takes the full cooperation of all the residents working with staff to make it that way. Propping doors open and allowing unauthorized persons into the hall are violations of Residence Hall policy and violators will be disciplined. However, the more important consideration is the danger that residents face when these policies are ignored. Working together we can keep the residence halls safe.
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