Wolf Alert is the University’s emergency notification system. This service allows you to be informed in the event of an emergency via your cell phone, text message, landline or e-mail. You may register as many phone numbers and e-mail addresses that you desire. There is no charge for the service and everyone is encouraged to enroll. Once registered, please make sure that you keep your information current.

About Wolf Alert

The system will only be used when there is imminent danger to the campus. Examples include tornado warnings, evacuation orders, and active shooters. We will not use the system to distribute information that can be found through other outlets. This is done so you know if you receive a Wolf Alert that it is important information you need to know about. When you receive a Wolf Alert, DO NOT CALL THE UNIVERSITY POLICE DISPATCHER. Listen to local radio and television stations for more information.

Registration Process:

1. LOG INTO THE PORTAL - Once you’ve logged in your see the University Police section in the center of the page. Click on the Wolf Alert icon.

2. This will open the screen where you can begin to enter your devices.

Your University e-mail address will already be loaded into the system. You can change the e-mail address if you so choose by clicking on the “Click here to
change it” line at the bottom of the screen. You can add phone numbers by going to the Contact line and selecting the type of device you wish to enter. For cell phones you can choose to receive text only or voice and text. Once you’ve put in all of the needed information, click Add and the device is now registered in the system. Be sure to keep your Wolf Alert account current. If you change numbers or e-mail addresses, just enter back into the system and edit your information.