The Policy at UWG website serves as the single source for the University and its constituencies to access governing policy, obtain guidance on drafting and coordinating policy, and to communicate with those who maintain policy.

The Presidential Taskforce on Institutional Policy is a collaborative and representative body that is currently revising the institutional policies of UWG. The Taskforce's purpose is to re-format and revise all institutional policies of UWG. The Taskforce also assures the policy approval process is followed and that only policies approved by the president of UWG are made available via the policy portal.


 UWG Presidential Taskforce Committee


Rodney Byrd
Janet Donohoe
Jill Drake
Laura Clayton Eady
Julia Farmer

Kathy Kral
Dan Lewis
TJ Peele
Robert Schaefer

Timika Boykin
Myrna Gantner
Cathi Jenks
David Jenks
Matt Jordan
Jane Simpson
Tahirih Varner

Teresa D'Emilio
Harry Nelson