There are fourteen WEPA print stations located on the Carrollton UWG campus, as well as one station located on the Newnan campus, where you will be able to print off classwork and other documents.

Printing Fees Per Page

Printing Fees Per Page  
Black & White Single-Sided$0.10
Black & White Double-Sided$0.20
Color Single-Sided$0.50
Color Double-Sided$0.80

WEPA accepts Credit or Debit Cards, Venmo, PayPal, and Apple Pay. You may also pay with an International credit card. (For international credit cards, please enter 00000 in the zip code field and enter the other information as instructed.)

Please note: A service fee of $0.40 is imposed by the financial institutions when using a credit/debit card to pay for prints at a WEPA Print Station. You can avoid this fee by registering and depositing money into your WEPA account ($5.00 minimum) with your credit/debit card. You will not be charged a fee for using your credit/debit card for depositing money into your WEPA account. 

Students can sign into the stations by swiping their student ID at the machine, or by logging in with their UWG username and password. For additional security, dual-factor authentication is required, so that the student will select a 6-digit PIN value which will be used in conjunction with the login information when signing in. 

Students upload their documents to the WEPA print cloud and have 6 days to retrieve their documents from any WEPA print station. Printing is available from any mobile device, smartphone or tablet with an internet connection, lab and Library computers, personal computers (install of WEPA print driver is required), iOS and Android devices, Google Drive, DropBox, Gmail and USB files. 

For personal device use, the WEPA print driver is required and can be obtained here.

WEPA Print Station Locations

WEPA Print Station Locations  
Bowdon HallMain Lobby
Center Pointe SuitesMain Lobby
College of Education Building

2nd Floor, between Lab 203 and 204

Coliseum1st Floor
Ingram LibraryPrinter 1st Floor
Ingram LibraryScanner 1st Floor
Nursing1st Floor
Richards HallRoom 210
TLC1st Floor

You may also access a list of all WEPA locations via the WEPA app or here.

If a refund should be needed due to a WEPA printer malfunction, please email and provide the following information: (Please note that refund requests must be made within 3 business days of the incident)

  • First and Last Name
  • WEPA Username/Email
  • Attach scan or picture of a representative print showing the defects, such as fading, smearing, etc.
  • Payment Option: WEPA account or Credit/Debit Card (if Credit/Debit Card: last 4 digits)
  • Document Name
  • Date of Incident (Request for refund must be made within 3 business days.)

Please note: WEPA will not refund for user error. Please verify that your document is how you want it prior to uploading, and DOUBLE CHECK THE FINAL TOTAL PRICE at the Print Station prior to clicking on your payment option. If you feel that the final cost of your document is not correct, then double-check your upload. If you made the mistake of uploading your document in color, do not print it – instead, re-upload in black and white.