Rebecca Harrison, Ph.D.

Dr. Rebecca L. Harrison, Professor of English at the University of West Georgia, teaches a broad range of courses in American and Women’s Literature, Gender Studies, and innovative pedagogy. Harrison is the 2015 Robert Reynolds Awardee for Excellence in Teaching, UWG's 2016 winner of the University System of Georgia Regents Scholarship of Teaching & Learning award, and the 2022 Honors College Research Mentor of the year. She has published articles on Southern writers such as Eudora Welty and Beatrice Witte Ravenel, and she served as the 2016 Obama Fellow for Southern literature at the Transnational American Studies Institute at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany. Her book length works reflect her diverse research interests as well. Her co-edited edition Inhabiting La Patria (2013) is the first critical collection devoted to the works of Julia Alvarez, and her two most recent books, Revitalizing Classrooms: Innovations and Inquiry Pedagogies in Practice (2017) and Teaching, Pedagogy, and Learning: Fertile Ground for Campus and Community Innovations (2017), showcase cross-disciplinary inquiry based learning strategies. Harrison currently serves as the President of the Eudora Welty Society and as Co-Editor of the Eudora Welty Review.

  • B.A., Special Honors Curriculum, Hunter College: City University of New York, 1994
  • M.A., English, Georgia State University, 1997
  • Ph.D., English, Georgia State University, 2007

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Summer 2020 Sections

  • ENGL-5383 (Rdg for the Comprehensive Exam) Section: E01
  • ENGL-6385 (Teaching American Literature) Section: E01
  • ENGL-6399 (Thesis) Section: 01

Spring 2020 Sections

  • XIDS-2100 (Intro to Gender Studies) Section: 07
  • ENGL-4384 (Senior Seminar-AmCaptivityNarr) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-6399 (Thesis) Section: 01

Fall 2019 Sections

  • ENGL-3000 (Research and Methodology) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-4109 (FilmAsLit:Language(Un)Bound) Section: 02W
  • ENGL-4185 (LitByWomen:AmIntersections) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-5109 (Film as Literature) Section: 02
  • ENGL-5185 (Studies in Literature by Women) Section: 01

Summer 2019 Sections

  • ENGL-4005 (AmLitII:ParadoxFemaleBody) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-5005 (Studies in American Lit. II) Section: 01

Spring 2019 Sections

  • ENGL-3000 (Research and Methodology) Section: 03W
  • ENGL-6120 (American Lit II-Southern Lit) Section: 01

Fall 2018 Sections

  • XIDS-2100 (Language, Culture, Film-Honors) Section: 25H
  • ENGL-4310 (Lit Theory: Southern Feminism) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-5310 (Studies in Literary Theory) Section: 01

Summer 2018 Sections

  • ENGL-6385 (Teaching American Literature) Section: 01

Spring 2018 Sections

  • ENGL-2190 (Literature by Women) Section: 02
  • ENGL-4005 (AmLitII-The No/Good Wives Club) Section: 02W
  • ENGL-5005 (AmLitII-The No/Good Wives Club) Section: 02

Fall 2017 Sections

  • XIDS-2100 (Language, Culture, & Film) Section: 03
  • ENGL-4185 (Studies in Literature by Women) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-5185 (Studies in Literature by Women) Section: 01

Spring 2017 Sections

  • ENGL-4180 (Regional Lit: Southern) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-5180 (Regional Lit: Southern) Section: 01
  • ENGL-6120 (American Lit II: Southern Lit) Section: 02

Spring 2016 Sections

  • ENGL-2130 (American Literature-Honors) Section: 25H
  • ENGL-4286 (Teaching Internship) Section: 01

Fall 2015 Sections

  • ENGL-4286 (Teaching Internship) Section: 01
  • ENGL-4384 (Senior Seminar) Section: 02W

Summer 2015 Sections

  • XIDS-2100 (Arts and Ideas: UWise) Section: U01

Spring 2015 Sections

  • ENGL-4286 (Teaching Internship) Section: 01
  • ENGL-6120 (Seminar in American Lit II) Section: 01