Marie-Cécile Bertau, Ph.D.

Marie-Cécile Bertau, PhD, until 2016 researcher at the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München (Germany); PhD in psycholinguistics with a dissertation on Metaphors, subsequently Habilitation developing a speaking-and-thinking theory in the framework of cultural-historical and dialogical psychologies, Address, reply, and understanding. Elements of an alterity-based psycholinguistics (2011).

Since fall 2016 at the Department of Psychology at the University of West Georgia, USA

Since fall 2018 Director of the PhD Program

Scientific Affiliations

Constant relations to numerous scholars in Europe, Canada and South America. Frequent and numerous presentations at international conferences (request the complete list of Conferences and Invited Talks, or go to complete CV).

Editorial Board Member to the peer-reviewed journal Theory & Psychology. Reviewer to Culture & Psychology, Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Sciences, Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, Theory and Psychology.

Invited Associate of the TAOS Institute (USA, Europe)

Member of International Society for Theoretical Psychology (ISTP); member-at-large to the executive committee since September 2019

Member of Division 24 of APA (American Psychological Association)

Member of the Helmuth Plessner Society (HPG: Helmuth Plessner Gesellschaft).



More than 50 peer-reviewed articles and chapters in three languages (English, German, and French), and contributions to main handbooks addressing a large field in psychology: dialogical self theory, cultural-historical psychology, theoretical psychology, identity research. (Request the complete list of Publications, or go to complete CV)

Fields and interests of research:

 Language psychology addressing language beyond its mainstream cognitive framework largely committed to methodological individualism; understanding and theorizing the psychological workings and effects of language in human life is rather pursued in a deeply pragmatic and dialogic perspective encompassing both interpsychological and intrapsychological activities. Bertau’s work is theoretically-driven and interdisciplinary, the focus is the intricate relationship between language and the self. “Voice” is at the core of this language psychological research grounded in Vygotskian cultural-historical theory, dialogical psychology as well as in Humboldt’s language philosophy.

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Summer 2020 Sections

  • PSYC-4085 (Listening & Being) Section: E01
  • PSYC-4350 (Culture and Psychology) Section: E01
  • PSYC-5085 (Listening & Being) Section: E01
  • PSYC-8581 (Independent Project) Section: E01

Spring 2020 Sections

  • PSYC-4085 (Horizon Seminar: Friendship) Section: 03
  • PSYC-8584 (Sociogenesis) Section: 01

Fall 2019 Sections

  • PSYC-4085 (Hzn Sem: Friendship) Section: 02
  • PSYC-6000 (Foundations Humanistic Psych) Section: 01

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  • PSYC-4085 (Horizon Sem:Listening Experier) Section: E01
  • PSYC-4350 (Culture and Psychology) Section: E02
  • PSYC-5085 (Horizon Sem:Listening Experien) Section: E01
  • PSYC-8581 (Full Spectrum Knowing) Section: E01

Spring 2019 Sections

  • PSYC-4085 (Vygotsky Psychology) Section: 08
  • PSYC-5085 (Vygotsky Psychology) Section: 03
  • PSYC-6899 (Diff & Disruption.) Section: 01
  • PSYC-7810 (The Self's Living Voice) Section: 03

Fall 2018 Sections

  • PSYC-4350 (Culture and Psychology) Section: 01
  • PSYC-6899 (Kairos for Theorizing Psyc) Section: 02
  • PSYC-7810B (Tutorial: Transitions) Section: 03
  • PSYC-7810E (Tut: Coarising & Distinction) Section: 01

Summer 2018 Sections

  • PSYC-4085 (Hzn Sem: Culture, Psych, Self) Section: E01

Spring 2018 Sections

  • PSYC-4085 (Listening Agency) Section: 04
  • PSYC-4350 (Culture and Psychology) Section: 01
  • PSYC-5085 (Listening and Agency) Section: 02
  • PSYC-6899 (Thesis) Section: 01

Fall 2017 Sections

  • PSYC-4350 (Culture and Psychology) Section: 01
  • PSYC-7810 (Measuring Human Complexity) Section: 01
  • PSYC-7810B (TUT: The Self's Living Voice) Section: 02
  • PSYC-8584 (Measuring Human Complexity) Section: 03

Summer 2017 Sections

  • PSYC-4350 (Culture and Psychology) Section: 01

Spring 2017 Sections

  • PSYC-4350 (Culture and Psychology) Section: 02

Fall 2016 Sections

  • PSYC-4350 (Culture and Psychology) Section: 02
  • PSYC-4350 (Culture and Psychology) Section: 03