Karen Owen

Karen L. Owen, Ph.D. is an associate professor of political science and the director of The Thomas B. Murphy Center for Public Service at the University of West Georgia.  She is a gender politics and American institutions scholar.  Her recent books include Special Elections: The Backdoor Entrance to Congress and Women Officeholders and the Role Models Who Pioneered the Way.  She has published articles on congressional elections, state legislative partisanship, and women serving within local levels of government and trial courts.  Owen joined the 2020 American Enterprises Institute’s (AEI) Leadership Network.  Dr. Owen was awarded the American Political Science Association's Women, Gender, and Politics Public Engagement Award (2021). She is also the recipient of the University of West Georgia’s Outstanding Junior Faculty Award and the Best of the West Award for Strategic Imperative.   Previously, Owen served as a faculty member at Reinhardt University where she received the Elizabeth Bailey Moss Mentoring Award (2017) and the Jane England Outstanding Teaching Excellence Award (2016).  Owen received her masters degree and doctorate from the University of Georgia.  Prior to her academic work, she worked as a legislative assistant to a U.S. Representative from Georgia, as a lobbyist at a Fortune 500 company, and as a public health legislative analyst at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

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