Jacob Glazier, Ph.D.

General Biography

Jacob W. Glazier, PhD, LPC, NCC has a doctorate degree in Psychology: Consciousness and Society from the University of West Georgia. He has his Master of Science in Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree from Western Illinois University and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Psychology degree from Augustana College. Currently, Dr. Glazier holds an Assistant Professor of Psychology appointment in the Department of Anthropology, Sociology, and Psychology at the University of West Georgia. He is also periodically an online Adjunct Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology at New York University. His research tends towards a transdisciplinary approach via theoretical and philosophical models and includes subjects like critical theory, embodiment, and desire as well as their relation to praxis and clinical practice. He also provides therapy services online. His work has been published in academic journals that include Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society, Subjectivity, Mortality, Critical Horizons, Rhizomes, Journal for Cultural Research, and others. He is currently under contract for a forthcoming anthology entitled, Paranormal Ruptures: Critical Approaches to Exceptional Experiences.

His most recent book is with Bloomsbury Publishing: Arts of Subjectivity: A New Animism for the Post-Media Era.

Current Scholarship

Furthering my previous work, I am examining ecosophy, how it is situated with regard to eco-psychology and ecological psychology, using the similar, yet divergent scholarship of Félix Guattari and Arne Næss. My chief aim is to decenter subjectivity on stronger philosophical grounds in terms of its human exceptionalism, specifically regarding privileged claims to consciousness, language, and emotion. Indigenous and geographically local stories, myths, and legends - otherwise known as folklore - are a powerful means by which to reground subjectivity, in both the philosophical and transpersonal sense, while simultaneously calling into question more normative understandings of the "natural" world.

In addition, I am the co-editor of the tri-yearly publication Mindfield: The Bulletin of the Parapsychological Association continuing the legacy of parapsychological research at the University of West Georgia. I am interested in exploring the problematics of exceptional experience, psi as a critique of physicalist science, and the deconstruction of skeptical explanations of the paranormal. This approach I have referred to as critical parapsychology: How can researchers use the knowledge and tropes from parapsychology to challenge the hegemony of orthodox science?

I am co-coordinator of the annual Bill Roll Lecture sponsored by the psychology program and Ingram Library's Special Collections.

Selected published work can be found at: https://jacobglazier.academia.edu/

  • B.A., Bachelor of Arts, Augustana College, 2008
  • M.S., Master of Science in Education, Western Illinois University, 2011
  • Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology: Consciousness and Society, University of West Georgia, 2018

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