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Career opportunities in our unique field are rapidly expanding, growing in number and scope. Employers are expressly interested in the skills that psychology majors bring to the workplace such as: interpersonal awareness, problem solving, and proficiencies in research design.

Our department design courses to encourage students to explore and understand experience as a primary source of psychological data. To understand psychology effectively and help others, self-understanding is essential, and our approach prepares students for that reality.


2018 Bill Roll Lecture - October 25, 2018

Bill RollIn honor of the late Dr. Bill Roll and his contributions to parapsychological research, the UWG Psychology Department annually hosts “The Bill Roll Lecture”, which is presented by a current researcher in the field of parapsychology. This year, we welcome Dr. Sally Rhine Feather who will give a presentation titled "J.B. and Louisa E. Rhine’s Lifelong Partnership in Parapsychology". J.B. Rhine is generally considered the founder of modern parapsychology based on his systematic study of telepathy and other psychic phenomena using standard research methods of his time. His wife Louisa Rhine is known primarily for her later extensive collection and study of case reports of spontaneous psychic experiences sent in by people around the world. Lesser known is the extent that J.B. and Louisa worked as a team from their initial interest in psychical research until the final stages of J.B.’s life in 1980. Relying in part on Louisa’s account of their collaboration written in her later years, Sally Feather will speak of the personal and cultural factors that seemed to make her parents’ partnership work so well, so that neither one admittedly would have achieved as much without the other.

This event is free and open to all. Please RSVP here: The Bill Roll Lecture RSVP