Thank you for your interest in the Psychology Program at the University of West Georgia.

Career opportunities in our unique field are rapidly expanding. Opportunities in psychology are growing in number and scope; our department offers a unique approach to psychology that allows students to explore their personal interests in this growing field in a number of innovative ways.

Our alumni continually prove the study of psychology to be incredibly beneficial in preparation for a wide range of fields such as: mental health, education, business, law, health care, and other human service fields. Employers are expressly interested in the skills that psychology majors bring to the workplace such as: interpersonal awareness, problem solving, and proficiencies in research design.

Our department designs courses to encourage students to explore and understand experience as a primary source of psychological data. To understand psychology effectively and help others, self-understanding is essential. Therefore, in addition to traditional psychological theory and research approaches, we introduce the student to a variety of concepts and experiences that facilitate and cement self-understanding. To foster intellectual and personal growth we offer courses such as:

Human Growth and Potential
Psychology as a Human Science
Social Psychology
Psychology of Mind and Body
Existential and Transpersonal Psychology

Psychology Programs & Courses


  • Effective Fall 2016, the undergraduate B.A. degree will phase into a B.S. degree. For more information please click  here.
  • For the new B.S. degree program audit form click here.

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Jeff Reber, Ph.D.
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Celebrating 50 Years of Psychology at UWG

Please join us in celebrating the 50th anniversary of UWG's internationally known Psychology department.

October 5-7 2017- Carrollton, Georgia

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