Course packs are frequently developed by faculty to customize course content. Printed at Pub & Print and sold at the campus bookstore, course packs can supplement or replace textbooks. Quantities are approved by the bookstore before printing, based on class size and the instructor’s request.

Instructors will e-mail Bettina Robinson ( at the bookstore and provide the department name, course name and number, the semester the material will be used, and the quantity needed for each class section. Copy the e-mail to so that Jeff Marlow, Sr. Coordinator for Digital Production, can expect the job. Once quantity has been approved by the bookstore, the course pack file is sent to as a pdf attachment to an e-mail. Include any special instructions (tabs, various color sections, etc.) You may provide a CD or USB drive instead if you prefer. For questions, feel free to contact Marlow at 9-4081.

For fastest turnaround, a single print-ready pdf file is best. If you send multiple files that must be combined by the print staff, the process may take longer and there may be some risk of error. For larger course packs, please allow two weeks production time. While production is usually faster, at certain times such as just prior to fall semester, there may be a backlog of printing in the queue.
It is the goal of Pub & Print to accommodate your needs and to have your course pack on the shelves of the bookstore before the first day of class. Pub & Print will also work closely with you to have your other printing such as lab materials, course syllabus, handouts, lecture outlines, sample class projects, and other teaching materials ready when you need them.

The most common paper choice is 20-pound copy paper, the least expensive. For choice of colors, see, under Paper. Binding choices include 3-hole punch for student notebooks, the most common and least expensive. Other options are staple, stitch, coil or comb binding. You will also have a choice of covers - a heavy cover-weight paper, a clear or frosted see-through plastic protector front and back, or no cover. You will need a cover page designating instructor, name and course number, section, and semester.

Concerning copyright, instructors are responsible. Fair Use allows a number of exceptions for educational use. If you have concerns, you may download a fillable (PDF) Fair Use Checklist provided by the USG at