Adobe PDF is the primary file format of our shop. You may submit other types of files, just make sure to include all requires support (images, fonts, etc.)

You may submit your file via email, Google Drive, or any other large file submission service. Of course you can always drop them off at our office as well on a portable drive/device.

  1. Include all fonts used in your document and only the fonts that are used.
  2. Collect fonts from the same computer used to create your document.
  3. Send the entire family of fonts (e.g. bold, italic, bold italic, etc.)
  4. Don’t forget to send us any fonts you have used in any of your supporting elements.
  1. The page dimensions (in your document set-up) should be exactly the same as the final trim size of your piece.
  2. Bleeds should extend a minimum of 1/8" beyond the edge of the page in any direction that should bleed, including background images, graphics, or other elements that run off the edge of the page.
  3. All type and graphics that do not bleed should be a minimum of 1/4" away from the page edge to avoid any trimming.
  4. A tri-fold brochure requires a layout/margin adjustment in order to fold properly. Print Services can assist you with this if needed.
  5. Remove any objects, elements, or layers not used.
  1. Include all original photo files, graphic files, and illustration files when submitting your job.
  2. All photos should be saved as JPEG, or PSD files. GIF's and PNG's are web graphics and are not intended for quality printing.
  3. All photos should be 300 pixels per inch (ppi) and sized close to the finished size.
  4. Web graphics/photos are low res (72-96 ppi) and are not acceptable for printing. Such photos/graphics to be pixelated.
  5. Black and white photos should be saved as grayscale, not RGB or CMYK.
  6. Color photos/art should be saved as CMYK not RGB.
  1. For full color printing (four-color), color images/ photos/text should be supplied in the CMYK color space. Please convert all RGB or Lab color to CMYK.
  2. If your job is spot color, create your document using the correct PMS colors. Make sure all placed images/ art are also the correct PMS colors.
  3. For black and white or grayscale printing, make sure all text is specified as black and not a build of colors, and that all photos and art are saved as grayscale.