For quick-copying, the following paper colors are available in addition to white. Because colors on the computer screen are approximate, you may need to look at the sample books available at the front counter if paper color is critical to your job.

In addition to these typically-used 20-pound memo papers, there is the heavier index-weight paper available in the same colors plus cherry red and gray. There is also a line of Astrobright papers available in flashy colors.

For books printed on the offset press, the standard paper choice is 70-pound white opaque text. Other text and cover-weight paper comes in a variety of colors.

20-lb. memo paper

  • Buff
  • Cream
  • Orchid
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Salmon
  • Canary

Index Stock

Heavier Index-weight stock is available in the above colors and also:

  • Cherry Red
  • Gray

Astrobright Colors

Available in both text and cover weight

  • Galaxy Gold
  • Orbit Orange
  • Re-Entry Red
  • Terra Green
  • Solar Yellow
  • Gamma Green
  • Pulsar Pink
  • Celestial Blue