Retractable display banners produced at Pub & Print are sturdy and reusable. The floor units are 78.5" tall, 33" wide. Table-tops are 16.5" tall, 11.75" wide.

The units come with:

  • custom-designed poster
  • reusable sturdy aluminum stand, and
  • compact carrying case

When you come back to update your display, we'll replace the banner with your new design and you pay for the banner only.

  • Floor Unit

    The stand-alone retractable is 78.5" tall by 33" wide
    Cost: $140


  • Table-tops

    The table-top retractable is 16.5" tall by 11.75" and comes with the same amenities as the taller retractable. Does not include carrying case. 
    Cost: $75