Create your own individual post cards to send home, mail to friends, or to have as keepsakes of your university experience.  Using a template like the one below you can create two post cards for the price of one. 

Create your template in Publisher using an 8.5 x 11" size sheet. Cost for the color copy: 60 cents if you design and send to our printer. Additional cost if we set it up and print for you.

 Here's how to set up your template:

  1. Open Publisher and click on the 8 1/2" by 11" page. Draw 7" wide by 5" high text boxes at the top and bottom of the sheet. The extra will be trimmed away.
  2. Place your photos or art. To combine photos and text, use photo place holders and text blocks in combination. To place text over photos, move the text box over the photo. Use light color text over dark photos, and dark text over lighter photos.
  3. Save your edited Publisher file, then make it a pdf file.
  4. Send your pdf to as an attachment to your e-mail, and tell us how many copies you want and your paper preference. We recommend 12-point C1S, which is gloss coated on one side, non-gloss on the reverse so that you can write on the back. Or, save to your flash drive and bring it to Your On-Campus Copy Center to place your order in person.

Below are examples of 5" x 7" cards printed for offices on campus.

  • Make your mark!
  • Orientation
  • USG Institution of the Year
  • Experience the new West
  • Welcome to Wolf Plaza!
  • Thank You

Template example below:

Post Card Format