Need a sign to publicize an event? Pub & Print makes outdoor-quality corrugated plastic 18” x 24” signs in a variety of background and lettering colors.

NEW: also available in the larger 24" x 36" size. A word about policy - permission to post your signs implies the responsibility to remove them at the conclusion of your event.

Full color signs

Printed on self adhesive substrate, these custom signs are weather-resistant. Metal H-frame stand included.

Cost is $20 for one side, $24 for both sides, includes stand. New larger 24" x 36" size includes two stands,
$40 printed one side, $50 both sides.

Lettering, graphics on sign board

Sign boards come in six colors plus white (see below). Combinations of boards and lettering in West Georgia Blue, West Georgia Red, White and Black are by far the most popular and those are kept in stock. Lettering is plastic transfer created on a computerized plotter, available in 14 colors. Logos include West Georgia word marks and other designs created by Pub & Print within the sign plotter software.


  • Signs begin at $20.00 for one side, including metal outdoor stand
  • $24 for both sides
  • Additional colors, graphics

Sign board colors

In stock: West Georgia Blue, West Georgia Red, Yellow, and White. Other colors can be ordered including Green, Navy, and Black. These same colors are available for lettering, along with the additional colors shown in the below display.

  • West Georgia Blue
  • West Georgia Red
  • Navy Blue
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Green

Text and graphics are available in the above colors, plus:

  • Silver
  • Orange
  • Indigo
  • Turquoise
  • Spring Green
  • Royal Blue
  • Yellow