Make the Most of Your Wolf Experience!

Get involved at UWG and track all of your involvement on campus to reflect on your engagement in the Pack Community and to generate a verified record of your Wolf Experience co-curricular transcript.

As you attend events, join organizations, and take on leadership roles across campus, you will now be able to track your holistic development and co-curricular involvement at UWG known distinctively as “Wolf Experience” through UWG Campus Labs.

Wolf Experience

Take advantage of Wolf Experience events, programs, or services to build a fantastic co-curricular transcript that compliments your resume and academic transcript to improve your marketability to prospective employers and graduate schools.

 UWG events, programs, or services that meet Wolf Experience holistic development and co-curricular criteria can be verified at the Center for Student Involvement. Listed below is a concise criteria considered for your Wolf Experience co-curricular transcript.

 Holistic Development (HD) Criteria for Wolf Experience Co-Curricular Transcript:

  • Leadership
  • Health, Wellness and Awareness
  • Global and Intercultural Understanding
  • Civility and Citizenship
  • Experiential Learning
  • Positive Social Experiences

Events, Programs, and Services Criteria for Wolf Experience Co-Curricular Transcript:

  • Open to students at the University of West Georgia
  • A program that has a learning outcome and learning-based assessment
  • Attendance must be recorded in OrgSync
  • Programs sponsored by an on-campus entity

Be sure to attend a variety of UWG events, programs, and services that supports your holistic develop as a student and builds your co-curricular transcript to highlight your success at UWG. Students that attend 90% of the following Wolf Experience events, programs, and services through OrgSync will have an opportunity to win a special prize.

2017 Wolf Experience Events, Programs, and Services

  • Career Expo
  • Student Externship Program
  • Suicide Prevention Awareness
  • Helping Distressed Students
  • Homecoming
  • Big Event
  • Leadership To Go
  • I-20 Passport
  • Alcohol Awareness & Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Health Awareness Expo
  • Community Service On/Off Campus
  • RecFest
  • HEART Workshops
  • Hallapalooza 

The Wolf Experience