On May 12, 2014, the Professional Association of Academic Advisors at the University of West Georgia held an end-of-year luncheon, where the 2013-2014 Faculty Advisor of the Year and Staff Advisor of the Year awards were presented. - See more at: http://uwgperspective.com/around/stories/paaa14.html#sthash.PnnHG6XV.dpuf

PAAA presents awards every Spring to the faculty and staff advisor of the year who demonstrates hard work and meets the needs of the students.  The campus is able to vote which is then determined by a team of judges. The goal of the awards is to enhance the UWG campus by promoting excellence, innovation and effectiveness in academic advising. 

2015 PAAA Advisors of the Year

2015 winners

(L to R) Dr. Joseph Hendricks, PAAA Faculty Advisor of the Year, and Megan Groninger, PAAA Staff Advisor of the Year.

2014 PAAA Advisors of the Year

 Picture of the 2013-2014 PAAA advisors of the year

(L to R) Elaine Heath-Ward, Treasurer; Beth Freeman, President; Dr. Vanessa Woodward, PAAA Faculty Advisor of the Year; Danny Gourley, PAAA Staff Advisor of the Year; Katie Hiers, Vice President of Communications; Ashley Hodges, Vice President of Assessment and Recognition.