About SSC-Campus

SSC-Campus, formerly GradesFirst and the Student Success Collaborative as separate products, is a web-based retention and advising tool designed by Education Advisory Board and used in Athletics at the University of West Georgia since 2011 and expanded for the entire student body in 2013.

For Students

SSC-Campus is an easy way to schedule an advising appointment with many advisors on campus, to request a tutor, or email all of your professors in just a couple of clicks.

For Faculty and Staff

SSC-Campus provides a powerful platform for advising and communicating with students, scheduling advising and tutoring appointments, keeping course attendance, and issuing alerts for students who might be at-risk. Check out the features in the guides on this page.

How to Access SSC-Campus

Students, faculty, and staff can login to SSC-Campus using the UWG ID.

Login Step 1: Go to https://https://westga.navigate.eab.com/
It is a good idea to bookmark the link for easy access in the future.

Login Step 2: Enter your UWG ID and password
The login uses the same credentials you use to access myUWG. The login screen features the UWG ID paw print icon so you know it is trustworthy.

SSC-Campus Login

SSC-Campus Guides

Function  Recommended Guide
Advising SSC-Campus Guide for Advisors
Faculty SSC-Campus Faculty Guide
Reception Coming Soon.
Tutoring SSC-Campus Tutor Use Guide
Tutor Coordinator SSC-Campus Tutor Coordinator Guide