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We can often suggest a painless solution to avoid damaging your credit rating. Ashlyn can be reached at (678) 839-4737 or by Email at:

The United States Department of Education, which governs this student loan, assists our office in collection of delinquent and defaulted Perkins Loans. We are obligated to notify our past due borrowers of the following penalties:

  • Delinquent or defaulted student loans will result in a poor credit rating for the borrower.
  • A poor credit rating will prevent you from purchasing a car, obtaining a mortgage on a house, or acquiring a loan for business.
  • Even if defaulted loan information is removed from your credit record, the loan must be repaid.
  • Defaulting on your loan can lead to lawsuits, and/or garnishment of wages.
  • Defaulted borrowers are ineligible for any additional financial aid packages, or loan deferments.
  • Penalties for defaulting on a student loan can follow you into old age, resulting in your ineligibility to receive Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements.

We want to help our borrowers avoid a poor credit rating and the resulting economic hardships. Please call the Perkins Loan Collection Office immediately to discuss a feasible repayment plan.