Student Account

  • What is FERPA?

    FERPA was enacted by the US Congress in 1974. It is a set of regulations that applies to those institutions that receive funding from the Department of Education. It guarantees students the right to inspect and review their educational records, the right to seek to amend educational records, and the right to have some control over the disclosure of information from those educational records. Please note that FERPA and the Georgia Open Records Act should be considered together when responding to a request for records.

    To view more information regarding the FERPA or to complete a FERPA Educational Records Release Form Click Here .

    Please Note : If the FERPA educational release form is not filled out and properly submitted, the form will not be added to the student's account, and therefore not valid.

  • How much are tuition and fees?
    The tuition and fee cost is contingent on the student's classification as an undergraduate or graduate student, the program the student is enrolled in, as well as the delivery method of the courses taken (on-campus, online, ecore/emajor, etc.).  Please see the fee charts located HERE.
  • Can I pay online without being assessed the convenience fee?

    The 2.75% convenience fee that is charged when making payments via a credit card cannot be waived for any reason.  The 2.75% fee is the amount that the credit card companies charge when processing those transactions.  Web Check (ACH) is a convenient option that allows students to make an online payment without being assessed the additional convenience fee. Click Here for instructions on how to make payments.     

  • Can I make student account payments over the telephone?
    No, all payments must be made through the TouchNet PayPath Portal  (Credit Card or Electronic Check Only), in person at the cashier's office (Cash, Check, or Money Order Only), or by mail by mailing check or cashier's check/money order to: 

    University of West Georgia
    Bursar's Office
    1601 Maple Street
    Aycock Hall, Room 101
    Carrollton, GA  30118     

    Please Click Here for more information on payment of tuition, fees,and charges. 

  • Why do I need to update my address?
    It is critical for students to maintain up-to-date information on their student account to receive any important information that must be sent to the student by the University. Some examples of information the Bursar’s office may be required to send via standard mail: checks, bills, 1098-T forms, fee payment deadline postcards, and any other important correspondence sent by the University of West Georgia.
  • Why is financial aid not showing on my account?

    Financial aid does not show on your student break down bill until the financial aid office has processed all required documents and information.  If you do not see your financial aid on your student break down bill, please check your student email address for any correspondence from the financial aid office, or you can contact the department at .   

  • Do you have a payment plan for my tuition and fees?
    The University partners with Nelnet to provide students with a payment plan option.  Please Click Here for more information on the payment plan. 
  • Is there a payment plan for past due balances?
    Currently, the University of West Georgia does not have a payment plan for past due balances.  The only payment plan that is approved for the University to utilize is for tuition and fees charges prior to the fee payment deadline.  All past due balances are eligible to be sent to collections after 120 days.  Please note that students can make as many payments as necessary to fulfill their financial obligation to the university within that 120 day period.  Please consult the Payment of Tuition and Fees section of the website.       


Student Tax

  • What is the 1098-T form?

    Eligible colleges, or other post-secondary institutions, are required to provide a 1098-T form to any student who paid, or was billed, qualified educational expenses in the preceding tax year.  Qualified expenses include tuition, technology fee, institution fee, and any special course fees.  Qualified expenses DO NOT include books, room and board, insurance, equipment, transportation, other personal living expenses, or other University of West Georgia mandatory fees (athletic, athletic complex, activity, health, Campus Center, and international fees).  For more information on the 1098-T form Click Here .     

  • When will I receive my 1098-T form?

    The University of West Georgia sends out all 1098-T forms to current students and former students who are qualified to receive the 1098-T form no later than January 31st.

  • Where do I access my 1098T form? 
    The 1098-T form will be sent to the address on file on your myUWG account.  Students may also access their form electronically at
  • What is a 1042 form?
    Form 1042 is used to report amounts paid to foreign persons that are subject to income tax withholding.  If you are eligible to receive a 1042 form, one will be mailed to the address on file by the end of March.  For more information on the 1042 form, please Click Here



  • How will I be refunded?
    Refunds are issued through the student's BankMobile Vibe account. Students can set their BankMobile account up to auto-transfer to an outside bank if the student does not want to keep track of an additional account. If students do not select this option their funds will be accessable through the debit card associated with the account.  Please Click Here form more information on the BankMobile Vibe account.
  • What is BankMobile?
    Bankmobile is a nation wide bank used by universities to securly disburse student account refunds. The BankMobile Vibe account functions as a normal FDIC insured bank account. Features of the BankMobile Vibe account include, but are not limited to: a Mobile App, a Debit Card, ACH options, access to over 55,000 world-wide ATM, Bill Pay, etc. The BankMobile Vibe account is a checking account that offers strong student protections put in place by the Department of Education regulations and has no monthly fee for students, no overdraft fees and no minimum balance. Please Click Here for more information.
  • Why is my refund delayed?
    Refunds can be delayed for many reasons.  Some of the most common reasons refunds are delayed: Courses that begin in later session dates, financial aid needs additional information from the student, and/or the students BankMobile account is not properly set-up. 
  • How long does it take for my refund to process?
    Once financial aid has been disbursed onto the student account (generally 10-14 business days after the beginning of the term), refunds take 5-7 business days to process onto the students BankMobile account.  Please see above for reasons why this processing could be delayed.  
  • I did not get a green envelope, how can I set up my refund preference?
    If a student fails to receive the introduction packet from BankMobile, they will need to contact BankMobile at 1-866-894-1141 or contact the card office at  to request an instant code. 
  • What if I do not have my BankMobile card anymore?
    To receive a replacement BankMobile Vibe card you will need to contact BankMobile customer service directly at 1-866-894-1141.  There is a $20.00 replacement fee assessed by BankMobile.  If you have never had a BankMobile Vibe card, please contact the card office at .  Please Click Here for more information.    
  • Do I have to use my BankMobile card to receive my refund?
    If a student chooses not to set up their BankMobile account, BankMobile will send a paper check to the student's address on file.  Please note that this may result in a delay in receiving the refund. 
  • How do I contact BankMobile?
    BankMobile’s customer service number is: 1-866-894-1141