Welcome Parents!

Parent InformationSending your child to a University can be filled with many unanticipated twists, turns, and challenges.  It is the goal of the Bursar's office to help make this experience as smooth as possible.  Below is some valuable information, and several links to, information many parents, grandparents, and loved ones may find themselves needing while their child is attending the University of West Georgia.

If you have any questions or comments about the information contained on this page, please contact our office at bursar@westga.edu.

General Information


    • Programs & Degrees
    • Orientation - Information on upcoming orientation deadlines and sessions.
    • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) - The University of West Georgia must have a completed FERPA form on file permitting the University to discuss any educational matter/record with anyone other than the student.  Until this form is properly completed and submitted, the Bursar's office will only be able to discuss student account information directly with the student.     Please Note : If the form is not filled out and properly submitted, the form will not be added to the student's account, and therefore not valid.
    • Bursar's Frequently Asked Questions
    • Tuition, Fees, and Charges - 2016/17 Charges
    • Payment of Tuition and Fees - Important information on how to make payments on a student's account as well as important TouchNet PayPath portal information.
    • Tuition and Fee Payment Plan (Nelnet) information - Important dates and an informational video
    • Refund Information  
    • Short-Term Loans A Short Term Loan is a loan that is available to assist currently enrolled students who need temporary financial assistance (a maximum of $450.00). These funds can assist you with tuition and fee payment, book expenses, or personal expenses. The funds for Short Term Loans come from private donations to the University specifically designated to assist students.
    • Student ITS - Password Support
    • Student Involvement - The Center for Student Involvement aspires to actively engage every student in the University and greater community. The CSI enhances the student experience and provides leadership development through a variety of programs, activities, and services, which contributes to the vibrancy of campus life.
    • Academic Support - The University of West Georgia Academic Advising Center
    • Financial Aid - For questions regarding FAFSA, Direct Loans, Pell Grant, Hope Scholarship, Book Store to the Rescue, etc.
    • Registrar - Course information, important dates, graduation information, information on obtaining official documents/records, etc.
    • Student Drop Statistics