** Note: All refunds will be issued to the student's BankMobile Account.**


  • BankMobile FAQ
  • How do I authorize my financial aid award to pay previous term balances?

    1.       Login to your account at https://beis-sso.westga.edu/ssomanager/saml/login?relayState=/c/auth/SSB. (you must use this link to log in)

    2.       Login with your STUDENT ID NUMBER AND PIN*

    3.       Click “Student Services and Financial Aid”.

    4.       Click “Financial Aid”.

    5.       Click “My Award Information”.

    6.       Click “Award Package Information and Acceptance by Aid Year”.

    7.       Use the “Select Aid Year” drop-down box to choose this aid year.**

    8.       Click the “Resources” tab and answer the authorization statement regarding fees and financial aid, scroll down and hit “submit”.

    *If you have never set up a PIN number, it will by the last two digits of you birth year, then the last four digits of your Social Security.  Example, if you were born on 1/1/1996 and your SS# is 123-45-6789 your default PIN will be 966789.  If you have set a PIN and do not remember it, you will have to contact ITS.

  • Refunds for dropped courses, meal plans and housing (For students not receiving financial aid)

    If you dropped or changed classes during the drop/add period, canceled or changed your meal plan, canceled your housing, and you are due a refund,  the reufnd will be processed after your studnet account is updated. There will be no refund after the end of the drop/add period unless the course meets for the first time after drop/add period.

  • Withdrawal from the University

    If you decide not to attend UWG for a semester for which you have registered and have paid your tuition/fees, you must drop or withdraw from all of your courses on BANWEB.  If you need additional assistance go the Enrollment Services Center in Parker Hall. Once your withdrawal has been processed, then your refund can be processed.

  • Refund of Fees and Charges for COMPLETE Withdrawal from the University

    Refunds will be based on a proportional percentage determined by the number of calendar days in the Semester that the student completed along with the total number of calendar days in a Semester. The unearned portion shall be refunded up to the 60% point in time. Students who withdraw after the 60% point in time are not entitled to a refund of charges.

    Financial Aid Recipients who decide not to attend and have financial aid, which covers all or a part of their bill, will be obligated to repay the financial aid award if they do not withdraw from the University with the Registrar’s Office or if they do not withdraw during the 100% withdrawal period.

  • For Financial Aid Recipients

    If you are expecting a refund for the current semester, you should refer to the section Important Dates and Deadlines. Financial Aid refunds are generated after the Financial Aid Office has disbursed your Financial Aid money to your student account and after all your tuition, fees, and charges have been paid. UWG issues all refunds through BankMobile.

    In order to meet Federal Regulations all refunds will be credited back to Federal Title IV programs, State programs, Private and Institutional programs in the following order: Direct Student Loan, Federal Perkins Loan, Direct Plus Loan, Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, other Title IV assistance, State Programs, and Private/Institutional Programs. Any refund remaining after these programs have been satisfied will go to the student.


The University of West Georgia Tier One (T1) Arrangement with BankMobile


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