University System of Georgia Policy

Policy (link) authorizes refunds subject to institutional policies for students in the military under certain circumstances. One such circumstance is "Military reservists (including members of the National Guard) who, after having enrolled in a USG institution and paid tuition and fees, receive orders to active duty or are reassigned for temporary duty or mandatory training that prevents completion of the term (BoR Minutes, June 2011)."

University of West Georgia Policy

If a student pursues Military Withdrawal, the institutional policy on refunds as published in the Undergraduate Catalog (link) states that "Students who are members of the Georgia National Guard or other reserve components of the Armed Forces who receive reasonable documentation as approved by the Center for Adult Learners and Veterans to military duty are entitled to a full refund of matriculation fees paid for that semester, in accordance with guidelines previously listed." 

UWG students who are called to active duty or who are deployed during the term may be eligible for a military withdrawal. Students who withdraw for military reasons will receive a WM grade in all courses and receive a refund of tuition and mandatory fees. Students who would like to withdraw for military reasons must submit a copy of their official orders to the Center for Adult Learners and Veterans (UCC 311).  Military withdrawals do not count as part of the six (maximum) allowed withdrawals.