What is an informational interview?

An informational interview is a 20-30 minute in person or phone meeting that a student arranges to find out first hand, from a professional in a given field, what the day to day life, good points, and challenging points are of a particular career, for the sake of clarifying career goals. It’s NOT about students asking for an internship or a job with your organization.

What is my role as an informational interviewee?

Provide students with honest answers to their questions about your career path, field, and current position. Depending on the popularity of your field, you may be contacted multiple times a year, or you may be contacted only once every couple of years.

Why should I do it?

  • Gain personal satisfaction through sharing your knowledge and experience with UWG students
  • Participate in helping students make informed decisions about your career field and industry
  • Increase visibility of your employer or organization

How Students Benefit?

  • Gathering first-hard information and a "reality check" on a particular position, field, and/or industry
  • Enhancing communication skills and confidence in networking with professionals
  • Gaining tips about how to prepare for a specific career

How will I be contacted by a student?

After being coached on informational interviewing by an Office of Career and Graduate School Connections staff member, students will be encouraged to contact you by email or phone to set up times that are mutually agreeable for the interview. Your contact information will NOT be publicly available.

What should I plan to talk about with the student?

Here are sample questions we provide students that might give you a better idea of what they might ask.
Sample Informational Interviewing Questions