Mock Interviews

Don't let your real interview be your first! The best way to prepare for an interview is by first having a mock interview with one of our Career Development Specialists. First, you will complete an online, video interview using our Interview Stream program. Once this is completed, you will come in for your in person, mock interview, where you will dress as if for a real interview, be interviewed by our staff based on a job description of your choosing, and receive feedback that will help you improve your performance before your job interview. With Career Services, there is no reason to go into a job interview unprepared!

  • What to Do
  • What NOT to Do
  • What to Do
    • Know the exact time, date and location of the interview prior to the interview day
    • Arrive to the interview 10-15 Minutes early
    • Wear a suit unless the employer has instructed you to wear something specific.
    • Demonstrate good posture sit up straight and make eye contact ; sit still be mindful of fidgeting
    • Speak and answer questions clearly
    • Research the company prior to arriving to the interview
    • Always shake hands before and after an interview; be mindful of how firm to shake an interviewers hand moderation is important
    • Greet the person who is interviewing you formally (Ms., Mr., Dr.) until the interviewer invites you otherwise
    • Listen carefully to the person(s) name and correct pronunciation
    • Ask for clarification if you do not understand a question
    • Take your time when answering questions if you need to take a brief pause to think about the question do so no more than 5 seconds
    • Keep your answers focused on employment
    • Sell yourself and experience in a positive way no one else can sell you.
    • Have a good attitude when you go for an interview. Employers want to see what type of coworker you would be. Think about the type of coworker you would want
    • Treat people you encounter going into the interview with respect; their opinion of you might be solicited in the hiring decision
    • Be honest and be yourself
    • Be able to speak to your resume
    • Ask questions at the end of the interview
    • Write a thank you letter promptly after the interview
    • Leave your cell phone in the car
    • Practice good hygiene
  • What NOT to Do
    • Ask questions about salary or vacation time
    • Slouch or fidget
    • Bring your cell phone
    • Use slang or foul language
    • Arrive at an interview late
    • Call the interviewer by their first name
    • Wear perfume, cologne or smell of smoke or any other odors
    • Avoid speaking about personal issues
    • Avoid lying about your experiences… Interviewers can read right through it
    • Criticize former employer or employees
    • Take the interview casually it can be insulting to the interviewer and organization
    • Bring parents, friends, or pets to an interview
    • Show interest in a job because of its geographical location
    • Lie on your job application or resume

Dress for Success

First impression are made in the first 5 seconds. Always wear business attire, unless the employer tells you otherwise. A suit is always the interviews uniform. (added with a smile with a sprinkle of enthusiasm.) 

 Do’s and Don’ts of Dress for Success


  • Make sure your clothes are nicely pressed
  • Lean towards the conservative side of style
  • Bring an extra tie, shirt or pantyhose just in case
  • Have clean, manicured Nails
  • Shower and brush your teeth
  • Use Antiperspirant Deodorant
  • Have Breath Mints
  • Comb Hair
  • Make eye contact
  • Stand/Sit up straight
  • Keep head and chin up
  • Use open palm gestures 


  • Over-accessorize
  • Wear too gaudy, too short, or too tight
  • Wear loud colors and printed fabrics
  • Use too much cologne/perfume
  • Slouch or cross your arms
  • Tap your feet
  • Bite your lips or nails
  • Play with hair or put hands in pockets