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resumeFirst you need to know what a resume is...

Resumes are a marketing document geared to a potential employer. Your resume should highlight your skills, accomplishments, relevant to the industry. Depending on the position you are applying for you may have multiple versions of your resume.

Resume Guidelines

Use this form to critique your own resume. The resume evaluation  is a standardized form used for self-critique prior to resume submission to Wolfworks. This form aligns with Career Services resume guidelines and is used as a suggested tool to have resumes approved on WolfWorks within 48 business hours. 

Resumes by College

College Resumes
College of Arts and Humanities History, English, Music, Graphic Art
College of Education Education, Health and Wellness, Speech and Language Pathology
College of Science and Mathematics Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics
Richards College of Business Accounting, Economics, Marketing, MBA
College of Social Sciences Anthropology, Criminology, Mass CommunicationsPsychology, Sociology
Tanner Health System-School Of Nursing Nursing
Special Student Populations Alumni, Veteran 


International Students...

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Cover Letters

Cover letters are professional documents used to highlight your skills, values and goals as they align with the position you are seeking. Your letter should describe how your experiences will fulfill the job requirements. 

Cover Letter Guidelines

Cover letter samples