Hired a new Student Assistant now what? 


  1. Make sure you filled out the Hiring Proposal on PeopleAdmin 

  2. Fill out a ePAR for your new student assistant and send it to the Office of Career and Graduate School Connections

  3. Send your new student assistant to Human Resources to fill out their New Hire Paperwork
    • They should bring you back a signed Work Authorization form proving they completed their paperwork

  4. Make sure you communicate with your student assistant about their start date and schedule
    • Students can only work up to 20 hours per week

  5. If they are a new student assistant (never worked on-campus before and hired in 2018) they will need to attend one of our New Student Orientations and complete their Mandatory Compliance Training in DevelopWest within 30 days of beginning work. 

  6. If they are a re-hire student (have worked on-campus before and were hired prior to January 1, 2018) they will need to complete the Refresher Compliance Training in DevelopWest when it opens in October. They will have two weeks to complete it once it opens. 

  7. Get your student registered in ADP (and add e-time) so they can begin clocking in and out. 

  8. All current student assistants across campus will be auto termed at the end of the spring semester. 

   9. If you have a student who is currently working for you in the spring semester that you would like to continue to work for you through the summer please submit a rehire ePAR/PAR to our office. 

Summer Hires

1. Post open position in PeopleAdmin using the Summer Student Assistant 1, 2, or 3 classification. 

2. Once you have selected a student to hire please submit a hiring proposal. 

3. Students will need to be enrolled in either summer courses or fall 2018 courses in order to be hired as a student worker. If the student is registered in a summer course they will be considered a Student Assistant. If the student is not registered for a summer course, but is registered for courses in the fall semester they will be considered a Summer Student Temp (this is important to know so you can complete your ePAR/PAR properly). 

4. If the student is not registered in a course in either the summer or the fall semester they will not be considered a student assistant and the position will need to be posted through Human Resources as a Temporarly Labor position. 

5. If your student drops a class or registers for a class please inform our office. A change ePAR/PAR will need to be submitted notating the change between Student Assistant and Summer Student Temp. 

6. All students working over the summer will be auto termed on July 26th. 

7. If your student will continue to work for you in the fall semester you will need to submit a rehire ePAR/PAR to our office. If your student is concluding their job with your department at the end of summer you will not need to do anything as they will automatically be separated on July 26th. 


For more in depth instructions please see our Hiring Process Document and Hiring Proposal Instructions