Classification and Compensation (Job Descriptions and Rate of Pay)

The University of West Georgia uses three student assistant levels for all student employees. The general job descriptions for each of these levels are described below. The pay rates for each job category are determined by the knowledge, training, skills, and level of responsibility and risk assigned to that category. We recommend that departments use these as guides to write job descriptions that are specific to your department. Human Resources and the Student Employment Office will evaluate student positions based on the original position description submitted by a supervisor.

General Pay Plan

The Student Employee Pay Plan consists of pay grades which provides a means for the University to group comparable positions together into common ranges of pay based on job scope, complexity, and other factors. The salaries for similar positions should fall within a designated range. The ranges overlap, but each range specifies three guide points: A Minimum (all individuals would expect to make at least this pay level) A Midpoint (the middle amount between the minimum and maximum) A Maximum (the most someone would expect to make for a position in a particular category)

Student Assistant Pay Range effective July 11, 2021

Pay Ranges
Category Job Code Minimum Maximum 
Student Assistant I  SA I  $9.00  $9.99
Student Assistant II  SA II  $10.00 $10.99 
Student Assistant III  SA III  $11.00+  
Student Research Assistant  TBD  N/A   N/A
Special Assignment  TBD   N/A   N/A

Pay Ranges

  • Category: Student Assistant I
    Job Code:  SA I
    Minimum:  $9.00
    Maximum :  $9.99

  • Category: Student Assistant II
    Job Code:  SA II
    Minimum:  $10.00
    Maximum : $10.99 

  • Category: Student Assistant III
    Job Code:  SA III
    Minimum:  $11.00+
    Maximum :  

  • Category: Student Research Assistant
    Job Code:  TBD
    Minimum:  N/A
    Maximum :   N/A

  • Category: Special Assignment
    Job Code:  TBD
    Minimum:   N/A
    Maximum :   N/A

*$7.25 is the current Federal Minimum Wage

You may also view the Guidelines for Student Employee Compensation (PDF) for additional information.

Student Employment Classification

  • Student Assistant I ($9.00 - $9.99)

    SA I positions include standard, routine duties which require minimal prior training or experience. Most often, Student Assistant I positions work with other students and are frequently supervised. This classification may be used while training for a higher level.

    Typical Job Duties of a Student Assistant I may include some of the following: answering telephone, assisting students, assisting customers assisting faculty and staff, check in customers (students), check out equipment, cold calling, collect fines, complete monetary transactions, copying, create flyers/marketing materials, customer inquiries, customer transactions, data entry, facilities, faxing, filing, food service worker, image documents, lab helper (e.g. clean-up, preparation of solutions), inventory control, landscaping, maintain calendar office errands, maintain social media accounts, maintain records, move and assemble office furniture, pick up surplus items, respond to department emails, register students for events, scheduling, setup and breakdown events, sewing, sorting and routing mail, stock merchandise/supplies, tag assets, trash pickup, website maintenance, and unskilled typing.

    Examples of positions may include but are not limited to: clerical assistant, custodian, delivery associate,dishwasher, grounds worker, imaging center assistant, lab assistant, library assistant, media production assistant (intermediate), mover, office assistant, office clerk, receptionist, seamstress, student caller, and surplus assistant.

  • Student Assistant II ($10.00 - $10.99)

    SA II positions perform above-average duties of a complex nature requiring prior knowledge, skill, or training. Student Assistant II positions may be physically demanding and the work may be performed under difficult conditions. Students in these positions most often work with little or no supervision. This classification may be used while training for a higher level.

    Typical Job Duties of a Student Assistant II may include some of the following: (items listed with Student Assistant I), carpentry, coordinate service projects, create trouble tickets, emergency dispatching, gathering programs for public access station, group tutoring, individual tutoring, lead orientation groups/tours, lead outdoor adventure trips, lead study group sessions, lead workshops, make referrals, mentoring, news broadcasts, oversee/supervise Student Assistant I’s, resolve software and hardware problems, orientations, provide escorts, training, tutoring students, technology instruction, troubleshoot barriers to access, and video programming.

    Examples of positions may include but are not limited to: anchor assistant, audio-visual technician, call center representative, carpenter, emergency dispatcher, media production assistant (associate), orientation leader, parking attendant, program producer, student leader, switchboard operator, trip leader, technical assistant, tutor, video journalist, and workshop leader.

  • Student Assistant III ($11.00+)

    SA III positions include exceptional student duties of a complex nature, requiring extensive prior knowledge, skill, or training. Student Assistant III positions may include strenuous and constant physical activity. Students in these positions take on a heavy workload, perform work with little or no supervision, and often have supervisory responsibilities over other students.

    Typical Job Duties of a Student Assistant III may include some of the following: (items listed with Student Assistant I and II), create database-driven web projects, data analysis, develop content and graphics, emergency dispatching, emergency responses, live in classroom captioning to hearing impaired students, patrol buildings and campus, prepare teaching resources, research, transcribing, and troubleshooting for customers.

    Examples of positions may include but are not limited to: classroom captioning assistant, development assistant, lab assistant (e.g. assisting with or running routine tests, experiments, or analysis given specific procedures but requiring some judgment in the execution), media production assistant (senior), police dispatcher, skilled typing, student research assistant, web designer, and wolf guard.

  • Student Research Assistant

    Student Research Assistant positions, assist in research or other college-related work that is anchored in their chosen field of study in order to enhance their learning experience, improve their quality of life, advance their academic research skills, and promote the University of West Georgia. 

    Typical Job Duties of a Student Research Assistant may include some of the following: Assisting with video editing, filming programs, setting sets, recording voice-overs, write scripts, collect data, distribute surveys, digitize information, recruitment of survey participants, input and data analysis, and preparation of research. 

    Examples of positions may include but are not limited to: Research Assistant, SRAP

  • Special Assignment

    Special Assignment positions may include students that work outside a department's normal operating hours, require extensive training, responsible for the safety and care of other students and/or deemed a one-time project.

    Prior approval must be acquired from Student Employment to have a position classified as a Special Assignment. 

    Typical Job Duties of a Special Assignment Position may include some of the following: work with other student leaders, develop studio and campus initiatives, work with new students to train and develop, maintain organization in the office/studio/storage, serve as a liaison between student and staff, attend and participate in training and staff meetings, provide information, direction, and guidance to students, problem solve and address student needs, and demonstrate respect and support for University policy, professional staff, and support staff members. 

    Examples of positions may include but are not limited to: Resident Assistant, Wolf Radio Assistant, Student Leader